Rolling Wednesday

IMG_2060aI love to roll.   I roll everywhere and for everything.   Rolling is what keeps me going.  It’s such a simple pleasure.  I know you all don’t think of me as a cat who loves simple pleasures, but I do.

The Woman just finished reading me My Life in France by Julia Child.  She was also a woman who loved simple pleasures.   I was a bit disappointed that she didn’t talk more about how to cook ham.  In fact, I think she only mentioned ham once.   

I think I will roll around some more and then take a nap. Napping is another simple pleasure.  What are your simple pleasures?


  1. Roll with it baby!

    Yes I’m sitting on kitty litter. One of my simple pleasures is a freshly cleaned box!

  2. Laying flat on my back, spread eagle, in the sunlight!

  3. Target’s is lying curled around the keyboard, hitting the CAPS and F1 button. Au’s is CHICKEN!

  4. Well visitng yoo is one of our simple pleasures! And Alfie likes to lose his springs and I like to sit in my tent.

  5. My simple pleasure is an ear scritch from Daddy!

  6. Rolling is sooo fun!

  7. My simple pleasures: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And a nice soft place to nap.

    Chey, you look nice and relaxed there, which is good. But the trouble with rolling is it gives the Woman a chance to get a snapshot of your roly poly parts.

  8. We like food!! And a good comfy place to nap! And a window to sit in and enjoy all the scenery! And some fun toys to play with! And some scritches!

  9. I like to hide when the folks walk near me, then I can pounce on them and surprise them. I also spent time checking out my food supply to make sure there is enough food out to get me through the day. Like you the napping is at the top of the list, I like a sunny place. I haven’t rolled so much like you but will give it a try.

  10. Pepi loves to roll around too. But I think Sanjee likes ham more than he does. Duties get split up around here I guess.

  11. You rock AND roll Chey! Angel use to do his roly-poly for mom all the time but now that he’s so *ahem* large, he can’t do it anymore. So she will just enjoy your roly-polys.

  12. I love catnip! And the best thing is to combine catnip with rolling!

  13. DANCING!!!! oh, and FOODS. and……….um………… RUNNING OUTSIDE

  14. I thought you might be a roller, Chey! Me, too …

  15. Rolling brings belleh rubs… And we all enjoy belleh rubs!

  16. Eric: My simple pleasure is being zoom groomed.
    Flynn: My pleasure is nip.
    We both take great pleasure in rolling too, particularly when the sun has warmed the concrete path.

  17. Nothing wrong with what you like, Chey… y’know, that’s how you roll…

  18. Scritches, naps, playtime.

  19. I say do what you love … even if that means rolling all the time.

  20. I wanna try rolling. That jus looks like fun. I already sleeps on mine back wif a 180 turn between head and toes.
    Fanks fur tha suggeshun.
    Love & Purrs,

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