Meezer Monday

IMG_7228aRecently reports have come in that Former Presidential Candidate Cheysuli has been making overtures to her arch enemy, The Male.   Cheysuli’s office has offered this official statement, “Reports that I have become friendly to the Male have been greatly exaggerated.”

Further reports state that Cheysuli has been observed snubbing the Male, as is her usual wont.

“It’s certainly possible she was in a place to let him pet her and didn’t realize how close she was,” said an inside source who shall remain named only “Gemini”.   “But I doubt it.  I think she is jealous that he likes me sometimes better because I don’t run away,” she continued off the record.

At any rate, Cheysuli and Gemini have a slightly better week this week, though the Woman continues to cover for the other practitioner, she will not be as busy on Thursday as she was this past week.  Further the following week, which is Christmas has her working only a half day on Tuesday and then her usual Wednesday afternoon, so the cats may actually get to visit with their friends as the holidays approach more closely.

“I do hope,” said Cheysuli, “That my friends who are celebrating Hanukkah are having a good one.”


  1. Chey getting friendly with the Male? That must be a malicious rumour.

  2. I just can’t believe this…

  3. You know what they say, Chey…keep your friends close and your enemies closer…just part of your plan….

  4. i’m sure the only reason the male would be able to pet her is if he forced her by holding her down and then petting her. How rude. Males. -tesla

  5. Maybe Chey is in the Christmas spirit?

  6. Hmmmm….are you buttering up the Male because….oh I just can’t think of a reason you’d do it.

  7. Deny everything ! Unless there’s photographic proof – then claim forgery!

    Nico, Austin & JayJay 🙂

    ps. I think meezers can digest plastic, too!

  8. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

  9. it’s good to keep the humans on their toes and questioning our motives.

  10. A thaw is alwyys a good thing… as long as it doesn’t cause a flood!

    Thanks for the nice words about our personalised ornaments. They come from:

  11. Well Chey, I guess with the female away so much, you have to cover all bases. Even the male!

  12. Well Chey, I guess with the female away so much, you have to cover all bases. Even the male! Just work on that Plausible Deniability thing.

  13. Thank you for the purrs and prayers.

  14. Presumably the Male is the one who pretends to be Santa Claus. Makes sense for both Gemini and Cheysuli to (GASP) suck up to him.

    Good thing the Woman’s schedule is going to lighten up, because I assume she has to do the shopping for the things “Santa” is going to pretend to bring.

  15. I am such a friendly kittie I take on everyone.

  16. It seems to us that the Male is nervous and is trying to get on your good side.
    Keep him guessing Chey!!!!!!
    Thank you for the purrs. They helped lots 🙂 The Vet lady was happy with the test results. Nothing serious!!!!

    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  17. You mentioned on our blog “So many others are already blocking annony comments that we created a fake blogger account that goes to our non blogger site. It is easy enough to do so anyone should be able to do it.”

    Could you elaborate on that? We are very interested in the idea, but don’t know how to do that. Sorry for being off-topic…

  18. Chey, don’t worry about what the media say about you and the Male… they always are stirring up a mess.

    We won’t listen to what they say, we will watch what you do.

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