Meezer Monday

IMG_2061aI am really a fine cat, but you know everyone gets on my case.  Mao thinks that the only way to get a full body photo of me is for The Woman to get a wide angle lens.  He obviously doesn’t understand that it’s okay to be a full bodied Siamese.

Then I was paired with the Grinch on the Zoolatry Advent Calendar and Sweet Praline said it was a good pairing.  As if I would ever be a grinch.  Here is Praline’s quote: ”


Sweet Praline said…

Purrfect match of the grinch with Chey!”

So you see?  She said it.   All I really want is for world peace and the Male to fall off the face of the earth. Is that so much to ask?


  1. I don’t think you are grinch-like at all Chey!

  2. We kinda liked you with the Grinch Chey. A lot.

  3. Maybe Praline meant that you are a perfect contrast to the Grinch, Chey.

  4. I have given you an award.


  5. what’s wrong wif being grinchy? we is siamese, we haf ATTITUDE!!!

  6. I know it is just an attitude thing you wear. Inside you are not grnichy at all. Maybe you do expect a lot – I mean world peace AND for the Male to all off the earth……..

  7. Well we think yoo are cute whatever!

  8. Don’t worry Chey, we think you are a very fine Siamese. A wide angle lense would just show off more of your beauty.

  9. OH Chey you are adorable and ya knoos dat story bout da Grinch is Momma favorite! She loves da Grinch cuz he finds his heart and da true meaning of Chrissmousey at da end of dat storee.

    Helloooooooooo Miss Gemini.

    purrs yur boyfriendcat
    Come ofur and see my pixchur I am lookin out furr yoo my sweet Puffalo.

  10. CHEY!!! Hi!!! We have missed visiting with you so much! Mommy says that she is the Grinch these days! 🙂

    Love, uSSSSS

  11. If anyone can make the Grinch cuter, it’s you, Chey! Mom was LOLing a lot when she read the part about the male falling off the earth. LOL!

  12. I do not think you are Grinch-ish, Chey!

  13. Hiya fellow Meezer! Can’t wait to participate in your game this Friday! We are new to the cat blogging scene and just found out about it. Cheysuli you are a good looking Meez – grinch or not!

    Nico, Austin & JayJay

  14. Mao is mean! He is NOT allowed to pick on you at all. You want Grinch, you come on over to our house for a bit, you are an angel!

  15. No you are not the Grinch, no way. Don’t worry about the full bodies shots either, profiles are just fine.

  16. I didn’t think you were Grinchy, Chey! Though, come to think of it, you don’t seem to like to share your blog time with Gemini.

  17. Chey, we don’t think you are either a full bodied kitty or a Grinch! We think you are purrfect!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  18. Even if you are grinch-like, Chey, that’s okay by us!! You’re entitled since you hafta put up with the male…

  19. Perhaps it’s time for an image makeover, Chey. I mean really, no one wants to be compared to The Grinch!

  20. Chey, we are glad you are Chey!!!!
    Chey with Siamese ‘tude!!!!!! 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  21. We don’t think you’re the Grinch! You’re too cute to be the Grinch!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  22. You are prefect in everyway, Chey!
    We knew!

  23. Just as well for the Male that you are not the Wicked Witch of the West or there would be trouble!

  24. Chey, meezers rise above it all. Both the Woman and the Male are inferior beings. Cats, and especially meezers, are always going to attract a certain amount of envy, you know?

  25. There is nothing wrong with being full bodied! Our Meowm is full bodied and we loves her! And you are not Grinchy at all.

    Sorry we have not been visiting…it is next to impossible for us to get on your site at Meowms jobbie place…and then she forgets when she gets home!!!! We must train her better!!!!!!

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