Gas Leak on Plane Linked to Cheysuli

IMG_7516aFormer Presidential Candidate, Cheysuli has been linked to the lastest gas leak on a plane that nearly killed all 482 passengers and crew members.   Last weekend, Cheysuli was leaving Nigeria on a direct flight from Amsterdam to Detroit.

Stories are conflicted at this point, but it appears that the Siamese had been tasting some unusual foods in the area which caused her to pass gas.   Upon falling asleep in the plane, she let loose.   Passengers began coughing and gagging and a few stopped breathing. Emergency warnings were sounded and oxygen masks were dropped.  Upon an emergency landing in Greenland, all passengers were removed from the plane.  Cheysuli was awakened and very upset with the unscheduled stop.

The Siamese was held in Greenland pending an investigation into her part in all of this.  There are unsubstantiated rumors that she was working with the Catstra Nostra on a new weapons deal. Officials say this latest plane attack may not be the innocent accident it all appears on the surface.

“People could have died on that plane.   Children could have died,” said one official.  “We need to crack down on these cats.”

Cheysuli had no comment on her involvement with the Catstra Nostra.  She did however, point to involvement with various gastointestinal support groups after her faux poot in the early part of 2009 when she ran for President.


  1. Hmmmm…Chey, maybe you ought to go easy on the ham….

  2. Did you get into some woofie food?

  3. “faux poot”? This has got to be journalism at its best!

  4. Praps yoo shoulda gone to The Windy City instead! Tee hee!

  5. MOL!!! “Faux poot” too funny!!!

  6. Chey – what did you eat????

  7. Does you need to be bailed out of Greenland? I can send in the “good fellows” to help with that. – Samuel Alfonse Meezer

  8. So you were responsible for the airline delay when my folks took my sister to fly home. Hmmmmffff! I had to wait extra time for my dinner!

  9. Did you eat a rat? That’s what mum asks dad if he does a stiunky.

  10. Stiunky? What’s a stiunky? Should have been stinky.

  11. Oh, Chey, what have you done now?

  12. Bast help us!!! Someone pass the air freshener.

  13. Chey, were you the passenger who locked themselves in the lavatory claiming “sickness”?!

  14. Good job, Chey. People need something to get excited about and poots on planes suits them just fine…

  15. MOL @ “faux poot”!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  16. Toxic global warming?

  17. Tooting or pooting on a plane will get you maximum, if alarming, attention, Chey!

  18. LOL!!! What did you eat, airline food? :)xxx

  19. Oh Chey! Only you could get in such a pickle. Maybe that’s what gave you the gas???

  20. Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, what are they feeding you?” Had to have been airline food!

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