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So, really, is there anywhere that anyone goes that doesn’t have a ton of water? I hate getting my feet wet and it seems like no matter where I go there is water to be crossed, jumped over, sailed in… whatever… Sigh.

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  1. Looks like Amsterdam! Spreekt U Nederlands, Chey? You can see by the formal U instead of the informal Je that I’m very respectful…

  2. Not Amsterdam. Closer to me than to there…

  3. It looks like you are a dam somewhere. All I know is there is too much water for me. However, if that guy catches some fish, I’ll share with you.

  4. You are very brave to close to the water.
    That is neat~

  5. Looks like one of the C&O Canal Loks in Warshington Dee Cee.

  6. Back streets of Venice? If not … dunno!

  7. Are you in Indonesia. We just hadda watch a show about that place cause The Big Thing hogs the remote. They had places a lot like that.

  8. We don’t know but we don’t think it is the UK because the top of the lock looks wooden and UK locks are normally made of stone with only the gates made of wood. We think it must be in the US somewhere as wood is used a lot more there. Mum has never seen any US locks so we don’t have a clue where.

  9. Is it the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks (Ballard Locks)? Are those people in the dinghy coming to rescue you?

  10. We’re clueless once again…Chey, we didn’t know you liked water so much!!

  11. Oh, we were so excited to play this game – and have NO idea where you are… Perhaps in New Orleans?

    …We just don’t know!

    Nico, Austin & JayJay šŸ™‚

  12. “Dam” if we don’t know where you are Chey! At least if you can’t get out, maybe the nice fishermen will give you some fishies to eat.

  13. Here’s what I know, it ain’t Kansas!

  14. So are you gonna swim over to the boat and see what’s up?

  15. hoover dam? (hee hee we said DAM).

  16. Eric and Flynn are the closest so far. I would say they are about 350 miles away from where I am…

  17. This looks very much like the locks in our own downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, but I know it’s likely somewhere else. Quite eery the similarity, thogh.

  18. This looks very much like the locks in our own downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, but I know it’s likely somewhere else. Quite eery the similarity, though.

  19. It looks just like the entrance to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland!

  20. Are you near Klamath Falls, Oregon?

  21. Cascade Locks?

  22. Nobuddy guessed right yet? Dang. Srsly.

  23. Is it on the Columbia River somewhere?

  24. Gee!! That doesn’t look like Santa’s lap!
    WE thought you would be at the North Pole šŸ™‚
    So…where are you??????
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  25. I know where you are. you’re in a world o’hurt if you make one wrong step… =splash=

  26. Don’t know exactly but if he gets fishies let’s have a fish fry!

  27. Or maybe Boise, Idaho?

  28. Skeezix and Simba are very very close–I think you two are not far from me at all, but I am not there!



  31. Uh Trip–I have a wonderful husband… only if you take him too…

    And no I am not at one of the Dalles-Celilo Locks (I don’t think)…

  32. Is it in Oregon? Does Cory know?

  33. tee hee…yes Cory knows…but I’ll get in trouble with Santa if I tell….

  34. Hey, gotta a call from Chey…I’m headed off to bring her some ham while she waits to be found. Won’t take me too long to get there.

  35. Does it start with a W? Good luck getting the ham to Chey, Cory. Don’t fall over the edge!

  36. I bet it’s not really as far from Ballard Locks as Chey said. Not if Cory says it won’t take her long.

  37. How about Willamette Falls Locks?

  38. In West Linn, Oregon …

  39. I think Kaika is right.

  40. ‘Kaika I think you are correct again!

  41. I think Simba knew where you were, too, Chey!

  42. Be careful Chey, you’re mighty close to the water. As far as where you are, I’m glad Kaika and Simba knew because you just look lost to me.

  43. Concats to ‘Kaika and Simba. Will we ever get one right?

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