Find Chey Friday


Sometimes ya just gotta relax.  What with the Woman being so busy and not getting to do all my visiting, I have decided to go sit in this gigantic litter box and relax.  Perhaps Miss Peach who was so enjoying her own litter box as bed for awhile would like to come join me.  I’m closer to her lovely husband than she is!

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  1. That is a very cool scene you have there, Chey~
    I love the view as well, especially the blue sky.

    I hope after the busy,
    your dear woman bean could cuddle with you at weekend.

  2. Wow such soft white sand…any litter box lovers dream Chey! Is that purrrrhaps Barnegat Lighthouse in good old Massacchusetttetsststts?

  3. We don’t know where it is but mum saw lots of lighthouses when they cruised from Quebec to New York last year and two looked very similar. She is going to think on it and look through her photos.

  4. Dunno!

  5. Are you on the beach in Nova Scotia near Mickey?
    How’s that for detail???

  6. It’s a place with sun and sand, so we’d like to go there too!

  7. We’re with Milo and Alfie…dunno!!!

  8. That looks like a great place to be. We’re bad at this game, but we like to see where you are!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. Excuse me…I feel the urge to dig in the sand. If you know what I mean.

  10. Lovely litterbox with a view!

  11. Would you perhaps be in North Carolina? Just a stab in the dark.

  12. North of Mass but not to Nova Scotia…

  13. Are you in Maine? All I know is that that is a lighthouse.

  14. Um, are you in the town called Lighthouse Point in south Florida?

  15. it looks like a light house on the eastern seaboard maybe around the Carolina’s OBX

  16. whoops, that was sweet icon’s photo 🙁

  17. Dunno Chey, have fun playing in the sand.

  18. Well, I LOVE GOTES! And this looks like Gote Iland Lite Howse in Kennybunkport, Maine, to me.

  19. I was thinking you were somewhere on cape cod

  20. Opps.. maybe North of MA was not quite the right thing to say..but it is not the Lighthouse Miss Peach guessed but she is in the correct state I think… if the Woman is awake enough to read her notes correctly…

  21. All we knows is yoo is in da giant litterbox. Dat looks like funs. MOL

  22. Ooh, ooh, we know! Yer near a “lighthouse” an probly near the ocean too…

  23. Are Yoo all dun gessing? On behalf of Jeter Harris’ mom, I’m gonna gess that it’s the Race Point Lighthouse Located northwest of Provincetown MA near the northernmost point of Cape Cod. Latitude: 42.06232 Longitude: -70.24308

    Hay, is Smartypants ‘Kaika taking the week off?????

  24. Um…all I know is that if you don’t cover nicely, people will get upset, no matter how big that litterbox is…


  26. Mao, does this mean you are the guest star or Jeter? That is exactly where I am…

  27. Gloucester ma

  28. Well, now that I’ve actually won, you can make ME the guest star.

  29. Mao I did say Cape Cod first….

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