Find Chey Friday


Oh no!  I don’t want to get my feet wet!   I need to figure out where I am before  I slide any farther down this bank.   Hmm.. or maybe I’ll just go to sleep…

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  1. Oo, I can’t even guess what continent you’re on, but those twin buildings in the background look interesting! It looks like a very beautiful place. I hope somecat finds you before you slide into the water! :)xxx

  2. The architecture of the towers reminds me of some old university buildings I have seen. Are you by any chance by Cambridge University in England?

  3. Are you punting in Cambridge??? Nah. Looks too quiet. We give up; where are you?

  4. we will guess you’re somewhere in London. please don’t slip down and get your head wet. that would be ungood.

  5. It looks a bit like King’s College Cambridge taken from the River Cam.

  6. Chey! Don’t fall in that river!!!

  7. hey is that the charles river in boston?

  8. That’s a pretty steep hill Chey, be very careful.
    All I can guess is the Tower of London and I am also guessing that I am wrong!

  9. Hmmmmm…..I wonder….but that hand looks familiar…maybe it will reach over to pet you while you nap!

    purrs, Cory

  10. YAY! It is absolutely, definitely, Kings College ~ Cambridge ~ England, UK!

  11. Actually that is not the information I got on the photo… So no I do not think I am in England.

  12. I do not know where you are, but I am a little bit scairted of that hand in the corner!

  13. Is it in Central Park in New York City? Is that a fancy apartment building overlooking the park, and the water a lake in the park?

  14. Simba I think you might be right!

  15. Rats, I guessed Central Park too but Simba beat me to it.


  16. Mum says Central Park in New York, looking Southish, the building is either The Ritz or Plaza hotel.

  17. Is this in Salt Lake City, perhaps?

  18. We came too early and nobuddy had guessed so we came back now to see who got it. Pathetic we are.

  19. Kings College. My mommy’s brother went there.
    She went to visit him a few times…. It sure looks like it.
    Be careful and do not fall into the river that circles halfway around the city of Cambridge

  20. I am too nervous of that water and you being too close to it to think!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  21. That Simba sure is a smarty pants! Daisy has no need to fear that hand…sometimes it has cheese in it!

  22. Chey, you sure do get around! I hope you were able to avoid the water. What a shocker that would be. Are meezers good swimmers. I assume you are because you all do everything well.


  23. I think it is looking West and that the building is the Eldorado on Central Park West in NYC. The water is the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir though in this picture in looks a lot like a river. My Mom has been to Central Park but she hasn’t gone rowing on any of the lakes there. But I got her to look up a map of Central Park on the internet and I think it is there. There are a bunch of buildings in NYC that have a similar style – apparently this one went into foreclosure in 1931 due to the stock market crash of 1929. I learned these things from Wikipedia because I don’t know stuff like that myself.

  24. Late again, the mom was on the road yesterday, I teleported in tonight to check up on things and I am late on the guessing where you are. Plus I don’t have a clue. Oh well. You sure get around a lot.

  25. I like where you chose to nap….I bet you have alot of frequent flyer miles! 🙂

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