Wonderful Wednesday

IMG_7291aAh yes.. sun.  That gets altogether to little around here as winter comes around.  We have had thunder storms even this fall.  We never get thunder.

At any rate, today was a nice day. I hear that the next few won’t be so nice.

I think I shall sit in the autumn sun and ponder the the upcoming Blog Blast For Peace.  We finally got our peace globe in and I am looking forward to tomorrow.


  1. Oops! I still haven’t done my peace globe. My secretary is getting slack!

  2. Chey, you look totally blissed out. Enjoy your sunbath.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  3. I agree with Camie’s Kitties … you look so blissed out in your sunbeam, Chey! Hope the weather behaves for you.

  4. Chey, mom wants to smoochie yoo so yoo must be looking good. We’re doing the blog blast for PEACE too.

  5. Sun IS good!

  6. we’ve had some pretty icky days as well. We are not so fond of icky days.

  7. Enjoy that warm sun!
    We are doing the Blogblast for Peace for the first time tomorrow. We are really excited!

  8. A little sun makes everything seem right!! Enjoy it while it lasts, Chey!

  9. Sun? We’ve forgotten what that is. Glad you can enjoy it though.

  10. Ah, sun! We have it today, too. I was lucky (Mom says not lucky) enough to slip out when Shorty was coming in. It was wonderful, but didn’t last long. She did let me stay out long enough to speak to Bob and Patrick.
    We are glad you have sunshine, too!
    ~ Jasmine

  11. You look a little tired, Chey. Why don’t you take the rest of the day off.

  12. you look so happy!

  13. It is a wonderful Wednesday here in Virginia too!
    Aorry if we are hogging the sun…. it was so dreary here last week. We really needed it.
    I will send it back soon 🙂

    Happy day to You

  14. Sounds like we are pretty much having the same type of weather. Enjoy and little bit of the sunshine that you can find.

  15. We’ve missed the peace blast. Never mind, next year!

    Thanks for the purrs. Target is now back home and feeling better. We’re all exhausted from the stress but SOOOO thankful it all went well. Target is a lucky boy.

  16. And Chey, you can add white whisker Wednesday to today’s post too. My, they are in very good form today!

  17. I love that look of pure contentment on your face, there, Chey! It must be a lot easier to relax now that there are no charges pending.

  18. Look at you soaking up the sun! It’s been such a wonderful fall…but brace ourselves for the coming rain. Sigh. We finally got mom to do a peace globe. She didn’t know how to do one last year so she’s rather proud of herself…and talking about it…a lot.

  19. Yeah, the sun on your belly is THE best! Enjoy!

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