We’re Back Wednesday

IMG_7224aSo I decided to play it coy at first. I didn’t let her touch me.  I made her feel bad.   Then when she invited me to roll on her side of the bed, I did so and let her touch me.  Then I purred.   But I made her beg first.  Gemini has no such pride.  She’s all over her the minute she comes home.

I hear she got to visit Laila and Minchie and Angel’s person although Laila had the good taste to ignore her for me.    I’ll remember you consideration, Laila.  It was nice of you.

The Woman went there to go to the annual Weston A Price Foundation Conference.   The Woman is really interested in the work of Dr. Price.   She is also curious to find out more about the work of Dr. Pottenger because he worked with cats.  However, not really in a good way.  Dr. Pottenger worked with cats and studied what happened when he fed a group of cats a species appropriate diet (we are true carnivores) versus a diet that was all processed foods.  The cats died out in three generations… hmm… 

At any rate, Dr. Price was a dentist.  In the 1930’s he was concerned about all the dental problems he was seeing so he traveled the world to out of the way places where people still ate a traditional diet.  He didn’t find the same problems, although the same people who had access to modern diets (foods that were processed, although he called them displacement foods) would have all the problems we see in “modern” society–including tooth decay.   

Dr. Price theorized that traditional diets were protective against those modern diseases we take as a given today.   He recommended cod liver oil (Blue Ice Fermented is the best with the most vitamins), lots of butter from grass fed cows (grain fed cows in confinement do not pass along all the good vitamin D), raw foods like raw milk and cream (even meats), meats with fats (traditional peoples would often ADD fat to their lean cuts), and if grains were involved then they always soaked them or sprouted them so that the anti nutrients that are found in grains would be gone.  Anyway, the Woman had GREAT food while she was there!

It looks like next year the conference will be in Valley Forge Pennsylvania.   If she can get CEUs again next year for the conference she hopes to go (and meet cat bloggers in that area too!).  As much as she liked the conference meeting Laila, Minchie and Angel’s person was a highlight.


  1. That is so cool that the Woman got to go to the Weston Price Foundation conference! Our human thought that her trip had something to do with the Foundation.

  2. That was neat that she got to meet some CBer’s. Mom loves it when she gets to meet fellow beans. It sounds like your Mom’s conference was interesting.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Gracie

  3. WOW! That all sounds very interesting.

  4. Everything sounds so interesting, especially the part about cats eating species appropriate food. However, this is gonna make our mom try to push the raw food on us again.

  5. We’re glad the woman is home again…sounds like an interesting trip…’specially visiting with Laila and Minchie!

  6. Sounds like the Woman had a great trip, but of course we knew the highlight would be meeting Laila, Minchie and Angel.

  7. There needs to be a bloggers convention…although that might mean my mom would disappear. Maybe I should rethink that.

    I think I would curl up and sleep through a convention…unless they were serving that good food, then I’d be all over it!

  8. We TRY to ignore Mom when she returns home, but we only manage it for minute or two.

  9. We are happy your mom is back home with you. We knew you’d cave and seek her out! We really like your mom! She even let Minchie sniff around in her purse looking for green papers. MOL!

  10. It’s good you gave the cold shoulder first. It works all the time.

  11. I think it’s so cool that she got to meet Laila and Minchie’s mom!

  12. We’re glad your mama is back, Chey, and it sounds like she learned some important information about food that could benefit you in the future.

  13. I’m always in favor of eating meat! What else are my fangs for, but ripping and tearing? ‘Course, I do a good deal of ripping and tearing of mom when we play, but I try not to bite her too hard. I’d like to bite into some of that unprocessed meat, tho’! You know, like Daisy and Harley do!

  14. So Chey, are you and Gemini putting in orders for meat cooked with butter and milk? But what if you’re a lactose intolerant kitty?

  15. Sounds like a very serious trip!
    And welcome back!!!

  16. Oh yes, I saw your person on their blog. She was petting the other kitties. Is she allowed to do that? I mean to pet other cats is one thing, but to be photographed doing so and having it published is quite another. Do you want me to ignore your woman too? I would do that just for you Chey.

    Gemini, the code is that when your person leaves you, you’re supose to make them suffer when they return. Did you read she’s already planning another walkabout? I’m just saying. You should support your sister, don’t you think?

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