Thankful Thursday

jet2This is Jet. She was the Woman’s first cat.   We are introducing her because we found this photo that the Woman collected from some old movies she found.  Well she had them, but the Male found them and decided to send them off to have them copied to DVD.   She captured this still of Jet as a very young cat.

It is unlikely that the Woman would have insisted upon always having cats if Jet had not been such a good cat. Jet was her first birthday present and she lived until she was 20 years old.   They were very bonded together.

I think you need to know this because Find Chey this week will be a inspired by this video. You need to find not only where I am, but WHEN I am!  But the where should be relatively easy…


  1. Jet looks like a very fine kitty. I am glad that she had such a long life with your Woman. Find Chey Friday sounds very intriguing.

  2. Jet looked adorable. What a fine cat to set the way ready for yoo all to follow. We bet your momma misses Jet a lot.

  3. Jet had a long life with your mom!! We can’t wait to see how he is gonna inspire Find Chey this week…

  4. Jet looks like a great kitty. We’re glad he found your Mom.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. Tesla was such a bad cat mom swore she’d never get another. Until the vet told her to get another cat- so tes wouldn’t be so bad and it’d keep her occupied. So, she got hansel. He was SO fantastic- she wants to always have at least one! And now even tes is turning into a good cat! Hansel, you’re such a good role model. -ben

  6. How nice to meet Jet. And how great of the Male to get the DVD transfer done. My Mom and Dad have movies they need to do but they balk at the expense, which is silly.

  7. Hi Jet!!

  8. What a cute little black beauty! 20 is a very long time and we just hope we can be with our mom that long too.

    Mom says now she has the Paul McCartney song “Jet” in her head and it’s there to stay for the day. And now when she hears it she’ll always think of your mom’s little Jet.

  9. Jet sure was cute. My Mommeh’s first kitty was all black, too.

  10. Jet was a very cute kitten! We’re glad he taught your Mom to love cats.

  11. Jet was wonderful…what a cutie beauty (that’s what mom calls me cause I’m both)! Do we have to climb into the time machine to find you this week Chey?

  12. Jet looked a very sweet kitty.
    Sounds like we will be more confused than usual tryin to find you this week Chey.

  13. That is so sweet! The first ones are always super special.

    We are 30 minutes from Valley Forge!!!!!!!! OMG, do you think I could meet your mom for real next November????

  14. Wow, 20 years is an extraordinary lifespan for a cat. Your Woman was lucky to have Jet with her that long.

    Your “Find Chey” may be easy for other people, but we think our Mom doesn’t get out enough. She never knows where you are.

  15. Jet must have had about as great a life as any cat could have. We’re glad to know about her.

  16. Jet looks like a sweetheart. 20 is a good age for a kitty. How old are you and Gemini? Au is 13 and Target is 2 and a bit.

  17. Jet looked like a great kitty! I can’t wait to see where you are hiding this week.

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