Tabby Tuesday

IMG_7087aToday my dad lifted me off Momma’s lap to put on his own lap.  Then he wouldn’t let me crawl back on Momma.  How was she to know when I was hungry if he would not let me on her lap?  How was she to pet me and tell me I was a pretty girl?  I was ever so worried.

Momma knew anyway.  I am very happy about that.   I would hate to have her think that I did not adore her.

I am happy to report that all my purring for her was helpful.   She does have shingles but they seem to be on the way out and there is no corneal involvement which is good because she had them very close to the eye.  I am happy about that.  I am sure it is because I looked at her with my beautiful big eyes a whole lot.


  1. We are so glad yoor mom is getting better. Shingles is norty! Smoochies for yoor Mom.

  2. We’re sure you helped your mom to feel better, Cheysuli! We are sending her purrs so she feels all the way better very soon!

  3. You did a good job helping your Mom get better!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. poor mom- we will be thinking about her. And, i also, don’t let dad hold me or pet me. Sometimes he tries the same trick your dad tried. the nerve of dads. -tesla

  5. Dads can be good fun too. I like mine to do all the brushing. He never tries to sneak in a tummy brush, whereas Mom does.

    Hoping your Mom’s shingles continue to improve. My Mom has been saying she needs to go and get vaccinated, but she doesn’t get around to it. But she did make my Dad go for a shingles vaccine.

  6. I bet that those lovely eyes of yours helped mom heal. Dad’s can be ok you know. We actually like to sit on our dad…and ask to do it. I know it’s hard to imagine, but we do it all the time. Glad your mom is getting better!

  7. We have to look up what these “shingles” are, but if it’s worrying you we want it to go! Don’t stop looking at your mom.

  8. Gemini, we’re glad your mom is feeling better. And we just know you looking at her helped her a whole lot! We’re sorry that your dad wouldn’t let you sit on your mom…but spending some time with dad can be fun too..and it makes him feel good…and needed…dads like that….

  9. I’m so sorry for your Mom that it turned out to be shingles, but I know your purring has helped her get better. And maybe you can throw a few purrs your Dad’s way every so often … it helps to get you chicken and ham from the dads when they are eating their lunches and dinners. Just saying …

  10. I’m so happy your mama is starting to feel better, and that it’s not the worst case scenario.
    I guess maybe that’s why your Dad wanted to hold you instead of Mom, because she’s still not all better. Mom’s never forget about feeding their babies, don’t worry.

  11. You are such a good girl to help your Momma. We hope she is all the way better soon!

  12. We are quite certain that your purrs are helping your Mom a lot! We are purring, too!

  13. We are glad your mum is getting better. We are sure it was all the purring that you did for her that is helping.

  14. This is weird: our comment disappeared!

    As we said, you’re doing a great job with the purring, Gemini. Shingles is so painful, your poor mum! We’re purring for her too.

    Also, we’re Twittering at We’ve found Chey’s twitters. He is loud; typical Siamese 😛

  15. Glad your mum is getting better, purrs are such a healing wonder. Is your Daddy trying to make furiends with you?

  16. Sometimes it does matter whose lap yer on. We only got The Big Thing here, so we dont have that problem. But ya kities what got more than one Bein, thats a problem.

  17. We are sure it’s your purring that’s helping her get better!

  18. So glad the shingles your mom has is getting better! You must be a good nurse.

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