Tabby Tuesday

IMG_7182aI woke Momma up way early on Sunday morning. She was tired later in the day.  Maybe I should not have done that.  She is not feeling real good today. She has a headache and her eye hurts and her neck gland is swollen.

I tried to lie on it but she did not like that.   

She said it was hard to breathe when I laid on her face.

Instead I will lie on the arm of the sofa and purr at her until she feels better.  She needs to be better to make me some turkey!


  1. Quite right, Gemini. Make sure she gets better soon. It would be a disaster for your service to be interrupted or less than stellar.

  2. I sincerely pray for your mommy she gets well soon.
    Sounds she is not feeling good 🙁

    Big Big hugs to you, and your momma~

  3. Gemini, sometimes Beins get uncomfortaed on sore spots. It seems the heal better when they are left unsat on. We dont know why, it just is.

    But purring close allus helps…

  4. =sigh= People are so picky. Like she couldn’t hold her breath while you laid on her face? I bet she could have. It might have even made her feel better.

    But, I guess if you fell asleep and forgot to let her breathe once in a wile, it could turn out badly for you. Better to be safe than sorry.

    I hope she feels better ASAP.

  5. I hope your Momma starts feeling better soon. Take good care of her, and I’ll be sending healing purrs …

  6. Turky sounds good! Did she feel better?

  7. I send you some healing purrs as well.

  8. We hope your mom is better soon ~ otherwise hoo will cook the turkey?

  9. I hope she recovers in time to make your turkey!

  10. Oh noes! We are sending your mom lots of healing vibes! Hope she feels better furry soon!

  11. Purring on your Mom is a sure way to make her feel better. We hope she gets better in time to make the Turkey!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  12. We will purr that she feels better soon. The thought of you going without turkey is too much to bear!

  13. Good idea, Gemini! Purr to make your mama better. It’s not a good idea to lie on her face — you good smother her, and then there’s no turkey for sure.

  14. why is it that the beans say things like “i can’t breathe when you lay on my face”? sheesh, we’re just puff balls of furs – they should be able to breathe right through that.

  15. We hope she feels better soon because making turkey is important!

  16. My booteefull Puffalo
    We all hopes yur Momma feels better and while yoo purr on her I will purr furr yoo.

    yur boyfriendcat

  17. We hope your momma gets to feeling better soon! We know you will do a great job.

  18. I do not know why moms do not enjoy it when you sit on their heads. It is a mystery.

    I hope your mom feels all better soon!

  19. Poor Momma’s usually still get to cook turkey and do all sorts of work o holidays even IF they don’t feel good. Do all you can to help her to recover so she has a nice holiday as well as the Male and you guys. And stay off her head!

  20. We hope your mum is soon feeling better. It’s strange why the humans don’t like us lying on their face to keep them warm.

  21. Hope your Mom feels good soon! You have the BEST medicine to give her–except the lying on her face thing… 🙂 Take good care of here!


  22. Gemini, please take good care of your mom.

  23. We hope your mom feels better soon. Shingles is no fun! And with all the other aches and pains, you should let her go back to bed and keep her company.

  24. Oh please tell us your mom is feeling better. We’d hate for her to miss out on feeling well for Thanksgiving.
    Gemini, please tell Chey hi from all of us.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,
    Tyler and sibs

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