Tabby Tuesday

IMG_7105aI sitting and enjoying the sun. We have not gotten a lot of sun lately so I must enjoy it when I can.

Our Halloween was very quiet. We had three kids in two groups for Halloween.  That was enough for me because people rang our bell TWICE and I had to run and hide both times.

Momma calls me out by asking where her Puffalo is roaming.  I always come when she calls me her Puffalo.  It may make some of the other kitty mommies go squee but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (just like outside and I am very fuzzy) and I come running.


  1. It is so good of you to come when you’s momma calls you by your sweet name? Our momma has fun names fur us, too!

  2. Puffalo is a lovely nickname for you, Gemini.

  3. I agree … Puffalo is the perfect nickname for you, Miss Gemini!

  4. SQUEEEEEEE! Puffalo! I love it!

  5. Yeah, Puffalo makes us feel kinda warm and fuzzy inside too…

  6. I like the nickname Puffalo. Really cute. We haven’t been getting much sunshine at my place either. I do take advantage of it when I see it and get some zzzzzs laying in it.

  7. Awwww! Yes, squeeeeee! Puffalo — that is so cute! And so evocative of you, Gemini! It’s so nice to see you on the bloggie for a change. Chey seems to hog it quite a lot, but then it has his name on it, doesn’t it?

  8. Puffalo is just an awesome nickname. Ginger saw your picture and now she is saying stuff like “I think we were separated at birth”…both of you are floofy and beautiful and you both come running when called.

    We only got 2 groups of trick or treaters too…for a total of 5 kids. Mom and dad are secretly happy because it means more candy left over for them.

  9. We like Puffalo, it is cute like you.
    We are getting lots of wind and rain here.

  10. We love the name Puffalo ‘cos it suits your floofy cuddliness!

  11. Yes, you look warm and fuzzy outside. Nice to know your mom’s pet name makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside too.

    Has anyone figured out why folks search for Chey under Super Tocks? Has she been posing for Playcat?

  12. Gemini, we know how yoo feel. We tend to hide when folks come over and it isnt even halloween.

  13. I like the name Puffalo! Gemini, we had about 12 kids at our house for Halloween. After the first doorbell, I spent the entire evening under the bed!

  14. Mom just says “Oh, boys!” and we all come running. Pufffalo sounds infinitely more adorable, Gemini.

  15. You are a very cute puffalo. We love your nickname.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  16. Miss Gemini my booteefulll Puffalo *sigh*
    Dat is 1 kyoot name and I will dream wunderfull dreams of Puffalos….

    yur boyfriendcat

  17. We gonna go squeeeeeee jus cuz dat’s da cutest name, Puffalo. It’s much better den bein called Beaubers.

  18. Hello Miss Gemini, mum says if trick or treats stays so small, she will skip it in the future. Turn off the lights and go somewhere for the evening.

  19. Puffalo is such a cute nickname! We’d come running too!

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