Tabby Tuesday

IMG_7339I think Momma will be gone for a few days.   She says.  I will use my laser beam eyes to keep an eye on her wherever she goes!

She has a conference just outside of Chicago.  She will be leaving on Thursday.  She won’t be home until Monday.  My dad will be home with us,but he does not take as good of care of us.  He does not talk to me all time and call me Puffalo.  

I do not know if he will feed me right or let me snuggle on the bed.  I do not know if he is trained at all!

This is a big worry!


  1. “Puffalo”, MOL! My Bein calls me “Pudge”.


  2. Mom calls me Baby Girl! What are we going to with your dad?

  3. I think you should be prepared to help train your Dad. He sounds pretty nice. Maybe he just needs a few nudges in the right direction.

  4. We think yoo shud atempt to train yoor Dad ~ just in case he’s trainable. If all else fails dial for a take-a-way!

  5. Nobody does anything as good as Mommas!

  6. Oh “Puffalo” we’re sure your daddy will do his best job of taking care of you!

  7. We hope your mom is not gone long, Gemini!! We think you’re gonna hafta teach your dad how to properly take care of you!!!

  8. your the mom should leave him a instrukshun book wif pikshurs. maybe he will unnerstand then.

  9. Your Dad should give you lots of treats and scrinches while your Mom is gone!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. Poor Gemini! At least you will have your basic needs taken care of — the things you really need to survive. I know it’s a hardship, but Mommy will be home before you know it.

  11. Puffalo, your dad just needs to be sent to an intensive cat care boot camp. That’s all. I’m sure he will do his best. Maybe by the end of the weekend you might have a new sweet nickname?

  12. Maybe your mum should give your dad some intensive training before she goes.

  13. Puffalo? Puffalo. PUFFALO?!


    Sorry, dear. Couldn’t help meself.

  14. Where is her Cat manual? Doesn’t everyone have a Cat manual?
    ~Lisa Co9T

  15. Quick, get him trained! There isn’t much time.

  16. Oh No Gemini, what are we going to do? We think your mom needs to spend some one on one time with your dad training him before she goes. We can’t have you not getting fed right, or not getting called Puffalo.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Gracie

  17. Dads are never quite as good as Moms in remembering all the important stuff!

  18. In spite of your doubts about the Dad, I think he will rise to the task once Momma is gone. At least as far as the feeding goes. Maybe she can remind him to call you Puffalo when she calls.

    But I do know what you mean. If Mom is available, I won’t even eat the food from a bowl that Dad puts down till later I have forgotten is was not Mom who did it. And I do love him plenty much, it is just that food is SUPPOSED to be put donw by Mom. I am a creature of habit.

  19. Don’t yoo worry one whittle furr on top of yur head my whittle Puffalo.
    I will come ofur and care furr yoo.

    yur boyfriendcat

  20. I know it is always hard when the mom goes away for a few days. I have no doubt that your dad will feed you and take the best of care because if your mom is like my mom she has probably left him a list of directions on the care and feeding of you. Look extra cute and climb up on the dad’s lap, he won’t be able to ignore you. You will get pets and maybe even he will talk to you. Your Puffalo name is maybe so special that only your mom can be the one to call you that. Hope she brings you back surprises.

  21. oh no we would be worried too little puffalo

  22. Oh dear, it’s always difficult when the mom goes away. Hope she leaves instructions/orders for your dad to follow. If all else fail, teleport over to warm Sydney. We’ll look after you 🙂

  23. Your male bean needs lessons on kittie care. Hope your mum has a safe trip.

  24. oh no! a half trained servant is worrisome. maybe he needs to get some more lessons before this happens again.

  25. oh Jeez. daddy’s are certainly not as good as mommies when it comes to spoiling the kitties. perhaps you will get lucky and he will over compensate cause Puffalo will miss the mommy!

  26. Turn up the charm lots, Gemini, and you will get your dad to let you snuggle on the bed and give you special goodies. Dat should werk.

    Mindy, Moe, Bono, Cookie & Mike

  27. Gemini,
    We are sure that your Dad has been taking care of you and Chey, how could he not because you two are such sweet kitties! And Puffalo is such a cute nickname! We have some cute ones and some not so cute ones too … hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  28. Dads just aren’t the saem as moms but they do the best they can!

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