Sunday Guest Star: ‘Kaika, Karen Jo and Herman

S5000087Well, ‘Kaika was the first to guess I was at the Washington Monument, although he offered a date a little on the late side.  Karen Jo came by and guessed 1959.   The Meezers came by later and guessed 1958 or 1959.   The date on the movie was that it was their honeymoon in 1959.  

Ironically, the Woman actually watched the video on the November 7, 2009 which meant that it would have been their 50th anniversary.  Most Kitties who live in the US and would be familiar with the Washington Monument.  However, for those who missed it, it does look a bit different.  We found this photo on the image search and it comes from a similar angle but it looks quite different. In fact, the male and the Woman didn’t recognize the White House at first because the things around it had changed so much.

For those who guessed mid-1960s she laughed and appreciated that they thought she was so young!

‘Kaika and The Big Thing seemed to have a discussion about the years of the cars.   We have no way of verifying exactly which year it was.  The Grandparents certainly could have gone later on their honeymoon and just labelled the movies 1959, but the Woman doesn’t really think so.  She never heard that they waited.  

Umm… Parker: “1057 – the Waashington Monument!” 1057?!  Really?  I don’t think they had cars back then.  Or the Washington Monument…

Daisy and Derby could have been right.  “Are you in the movie “Back to the Future”?”  I could have been… but I wasn’t!

I have to shout out that Simba‘s person was there within a year of this (so probably recognized things a bit better than younger cats) “n those days, so many people got married in June. So I will say late June- early July, 1958, on the Mall in Washington DC near the Washington Monument. My Mom was there then too!!”  Alas, the Woman’s folks got married in the fall…


  1. I knew you were in Washington, DC, but had no idea of the year.

  2. We loved all the discussion of the date. We were stunned to realize The Big Thing was so old!

  3. Cool! I never thought that I would be a guest star. Herman is thrilled.

  4. Concats to all the winners. We didn’t even know where it was let alone the date!

  5. Yay for Herman for getting featured his first time out!!

    We were clueless, as usual.

  6. HaHaHaHa! We really meant 1957!

  7. Well. we got the where right…just not the when! Congrats to Herman!

  8. Congrats to Kaika, Herman and Karen Jo for guessing correctly.

  9. I did it! I did it! I wasn’t the first but I did it. I usually cannot guess where you were but this time I did. This is a start.
    I am glad to see that you have Herman as a guest at your place today. He is such a sweetpie and so deserving of now having a forever home with Karen Jo.

  10. That was fun…a time travel find Chey!

  11. Hi Chey, we checked and the tree is called Japanese Persimmon, you’re right! Does your mom know the fruit? It’s sadly a bit expensive here but worth a try. It makes a nice dessert.
    Many purrs!

    Oh Chey we hope yoo do anutter back to da future “where is Chey now” soon!
    This was fun.

    Helllllllllllllllooooo Miss Gemini

    your boyfriendcat

  13. Picking the year and the place was an extra challenge!

  14. Yay for Herman!!!
    In a brand new ,wonderful home and showing us he is a smart kitty 🙂
    Gee it’s great to be a cat!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  15. Herman’s getin rite in da swing of fings huh? Well 1959 wuz a good year, it wuz da year owr Mom wuz borned. Dat wuz like a squillion years ago!

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