Sunday Guest Star: Cory

May  30, 2009 sun porch 020I knew this last Find Chey would be a tough one.   Cory got it though.   Well, with a little help.  The Woman told them that it was north and they could see if from the Big Bridge that goes into the St. John’s area of Portland.   There’s really only one place that would be (and not the Burgerville in Centralia)… Cory said, “Are you at Mt. St. Helens? If not, I totally give up…” (among other guesses).

I am actually at the parking lot of the Coldwater Creek rest area.  Simba guessed, “Is it the Johnston Ridge Observatory parking lot (at Mt St Helen’s)?” But Johnston Ridge is the next stop up closer to the volcano.

‘Kaika said, “Mt. St. Helen’s … of course! Good job, Cory! My human was actually visiting Portland in 1980 while the volcano was erupting. I think maybe your human was at one of the visitor centers’ parking lots when she took the picture.”

The day ‘Kaika is talking about is the place where one of the scientists monitoring the volcano was stationed.   They didn’t expect St. Helen’s to erupt to the side but straight up.   He was killed when the eruption happened, as it came pretty much right toward where he was.   

Mt. St. Helen’s is one of the Woman’s favorite places in the world. Not only is it lovely to look at when you get to visit Cory in Portland (or anyone else), it is wonderful to visit. There are many places to hike on both sides of the mountain.  Each time you go there, it is different.  It is a great education in how nature regrows and changes.   There are some amazing stories and films at each of the visitor centers and learning centers.   We were not, alas at the Forest Learning Center, ‘Kaika.

Derby said, “You a “Cat on Hot Car Hood”.”  Yes, I probably am.   The little yapper is Belle.   She joined us for the excursion up the mountain and she liked the places they allow dogs (not everywhere).   She seemed to fool Max, who said, “I’m pretty sure you’re in the Taco Bell parking lot…ask the woofy in the car. I think he works there.”

The Funny Farm kids guessed, “Oh, this one is easy. You’re on the hood of a car. Do we get our million dollars now? What do you mean we have to tell you where the car is located? In a parking lot, silly.”  Alas, other winners were a bit more specific.   And for some reason the Woman won’t let me award anyone a million dollars…  Simba and Noir knew I was on the hood of a car as well.


  1. Cory is a bright spark, all right. After St Helen’s erupted, did your mum get you any volcanic ash for your sandbox? Now that would be a lordly thing you could boast about, Chey!

  2. We really HAFTA start lookin here early Fridays!

  3. Congratulations Cory ! I didn’t have a chance to visit this week. Mom has been really busy!

  4. Congrats to Cory! My Mom and Dad better take another visit out to Washington and visit Portland this time, as well as go to Mt St Helen’s because it sounds really interesting.

  5. Concats to Cory. That is another one we didn’t have the first idea about.

  6. ConCatulations to Cory!!! We love this game, but we’re not very good at it.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  7. Congrats to Cory!! We’re like the Florida Kids…not very good at this game….

  8. Well, with enough clues, even I can find you Chey!!! Mom remembers when the volcano blew. She said she was kind of clueless, didn’t turn on the news and was driving down the freeway that day and couldn’t figure out why everything looked so gray. Eventually she got clued in. Everyone had to wear masks so they wouldn’t breathe in the ash, it was everywhere even though Portland didn’t get all that much compared to other areas.

  9. Concats to Cory! And it’s lovely that you featured her on your blog, today, Chey. She’s such a cutie.

  10. Just so dat volcano don’t errupt again an get you! My boy’s impressed wif stories bout Mt. St. Helens, an thot it was closer to Seattle, like maybe dey sawed it when they flied in. Or… not. I fink da woofie should be the hood ornament an you should be da VIP gettin showfurred around.

  11. Yes, congratulations, Cory.

    We never know where Chey is.

  12. Wow Chey, Cory is such a smart kitty … we are so happy she guessed it! We hope you and Gemini are having a wonderful Sunday, and we sent you an email!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  13. Way to go, Cory!

  14. Darn, missed the guessing as the mom was busy with the holiday company. Maybe this week, I will be on the lookout.

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