Meezer Monday


I am not pleased.   The Woman used the flashy thing in my face.  I hate that.  Then she tried to remove red but that left my eye a weird blue on the edges (instead of more red).  Can’t she do anything right?

Then the Male was home for FOUR DAYS.  I had to put up with him for FOUR DAYS in a row. Can you imagine?  It was horrifying.  He slept in until all hours.   That meant he was IN MY ROOM.  He talked to me.

I did not get turkey except a small part of the liver.  YUCK.  Who likes liver?  I realize the Woman says it is good for me to eat but really.   All in all this was a very poor weekend. They say it was Thanksgiving, but I could do without all that thanks.   I mean, I am the one they were thanking, wasn’t I?


  1. Aw man, it sounds like this human-created “holiday” was a bummer for you! I didn’t have it much better. The male human here kept taking up the bed ’til all hours, like yours, and I don’t sleep in the bed ’til he leaves. I got NO bed time for the past four days! And we got a few measly turkey bits, but we get turkey so rarely, my roommate Boodie didn’t even know what it was. Our humans should be thankful we didn’t revolt.

  2. Chey, you have a right to complain. At least it’s Monday, so things can only get better from here.

  3. Chey, I’m sorry your Thanksgiving was so disappointing … they’ll have to make it up to you at Christmas with ham or roast beast. Well, I guess it’s better that only your Thanksgiving sucked instead of it being like Maobert, whose whole life sucks!

  4. Sorry you had a bad weekend. I had a great weekend. You should have teleported over.

  5. How shocking! You need to retrain your staff. Au and Target ate chicken yesterday. Tonnes of it. Then Au threw up – and asked for more.

  6. Oh wow…the male talked to you? What did he say? Did he mention mailing his socks to me?

    Oh sorry…I’m sure the whole 4 days was very upsetting to you.

  7. Yes, that sounds just horrible! We didn’t get any turkey either. So not fair!

  8. Geez, Chey…the man home for 4 days AND no turkey (liver doesn’t count!)??!? That’s a funny way to be thanking you…and we don’t mean funny haha!

  9. Um, I’d take that liver if you don’t want it…

  10. I likes the liver – Miles

    Sorry your thanksgiving suked – would you like me to send tony out to “talk” to the man? – S.A.M

  11. Poor Chey! Sounds like your beans need a good talking to (instead of the man talking to you!).
    Yes, of course Thanksgiving is all about you — what else would it be for?

  12. You should taste the liver, Chey! Livers is ‘lishus!

  13. I am so sorry you didn’t get any more than liver after having put up with the Man. I must say, I am impressed with the fact that the Man is still trying to be your servent and talks to you. Perhaps if you give him a rub around the ankles, he’ll be so impressed that he’ll give you extra treats?

    Can I send you some turkey and ham to make it better? Mommy froze some of our leftovers so they will be fresh!

  14. Wow, seems like a pretty bad deal all around. However, if the Woman is getting better, then in the end it will have been worth it.

  15. Sorry you didn’t get any turkey. That’s a real bummer.

  16. We thought we were hard done by because we don’t have Thanksgiving here. Seems like it’s lucky we don’t if yours is anything to go by. You should have stuck your claws in the man when he waqs sleeping.

  17. Well,we thought Thanksgiving was about kitty worship 😉
    We fail to understand why our beans don’t get it!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  18. Chey I am sorry to hear about your holiday…but how is Miss Gemini?
    I am dreamin of yoo my purrfect little Puffalo….

    your boyfriendcat

  19. Liver is good! We almost had some but owr beans cooked it till it was so dried up it looked like a rabbit poop. Now dat’s when it is not good anymore.

  20. Liver sounds NG!
    I am so sorry you didn’t got any turkey!

  21. I got LOTS and LOTS of turkey cuz unlike YOO, I don’t need to looze a few pownds.

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