Meezer Monday

  • IMG_7307aShe is almost back!  I think.  Should I be nice or should I avoid her? Decisions decisions…


    1. You should avoid her. But it will be terribly hard. I find that I cave in and become a blithering ball of purring. I WISH I could be more aloof. I think you have it in you, though. Being a Meezer and all.

    2. I’m part Meezer and I’ve never been able to pull off the aloof and ignoring behavior. I cave…all the time. I think you should at least try to avoid her…if only for a minute.

    3. Chey, we bet she’s expecting you to ignore her…so throw her off and be as sweet as you can be to her…it will make her wonder what’s going on….

    4. Well we fink the best thing to do is SULK big time ~ but not ignore her completely! She’s sure to bring yoo TREATS and yoo don’t want to miss owt, do yoo?

    5. I think you should forgive her, Chey. After all, she did visit some friends while she was away from you.

    6. Doesn’t matter what you decide to do, you will forget all about it the minute she walks through that door.

    7. She has been gone a long time, so we thinks you will be very happy to see her and somewhat relieved, too!

      Mindy, Moe, Bon Bon, Cookie & Mike

    8. Avoid at first, make her beg to get you back, then be nice.

    9. Only if she does not make a big fuss about missing you 😉
      Surely she missed you too!!
      Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

    10. I think she will make a big fuss and you will cave … but that’s a good thing! Welcome back, Chey!

    11. Au sulks until dinner time, and Target throws himself at my feet. Perhaps you should throw a Royal Snit and make her fall at your paws?

    12. whoa. we hafent ben arownd much. owr beanz hafe been bad. yoo changed yur format. itz bery nise.

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