Meezer Monday

IMG_7328aFormer Presidential Candidate Cheysuli has sent a ham of the month gift to Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida.

“The Congressman from Florida has been fearless in speaking truth.   I applaud his efforts.   I applaud his speech listing the statistical numbers of people who have died due to lack of healthcare in the districts of each Representative who have voted to obstruct what the vast majority of Americans want.   He deserves ham.  And I’ll be happy to help him eat it.”


  1. You are so right. I am glad that you sent him a ham. I also applaud his speech. It was a powerful one and I hope it wakes up some of the Congressmen who just want the money from the health insurance companies.

  2. What a wonderful show of appreciation for Rep. Grayson’s support of health care, Chey! And I’m sure he was very grateful and honored to share the ham with you. I can think of more than a few congressmen and senators I’d like to send something to, but it ain’t ham!

  3. Wot a nice gesture. Did you taste the ham first … just to make sure it was really good? LOL!

  4. That was very thoughtful of you Chey. We are sure he will enjoy his ham.

  5. We hope he shares the ham with you!

  6. Well that was very nice of you, Chey…and we are with the others…we hope he shares some with you!

  7. It’s ok if you take a little nibble before sending the ham…quality control.

    He did deserve that ham. We did not hear the speech, but mom says that you can google anything and find it, so we are going to do that.

  8. Pee Ess…you look very lovely on your bed today.

  9. did you say ham party?

  10. Good to see you are staying politically active. It would be hard for the government to find fault with your gift of the ham. So you don’t have to go into hiding again.

  11. We’d be glad to offer some Ham Quality Control, Chey. You know, if that will help.

  12. Very kind of you to send the ham and very generous of you to offer to help him eat it. Good thinking!

  13. Dear Chey,
    I write to you from my horrific non-Internet allowed prison (aka my house). I miss you dearly, I miss your lovely face, your soft furs, your ‘tude…..I miss my life!

    Meowmy is all busy and what-not and gets no sleep anymore (which is rather annoying to me) but she keeps us away from the computer and says she is using it!

    Much love,

  14. That was so nice of you. I understand someone else just got the mother load of cheese, perhaps they’ll send some of that over and he can make a sandwich….oh, I guess he’d need bread too. Oh, dear, I hope he’s not kosher or a vegetarian… hmmmm…
    ~Lisa C09T

  15. We love watching him speak! He’s so down to earth.

  16. Healthcare is important. Although I don’t know him or his speech. We have healthcare for everybody here in Sweden. My female human doesn’t have to pay anything, but gets everything. It’s a great system. Everybody profits from that. Good on you to give that man some ham. 🙂

  17. How generous of you Chey. I hope he does the right thing and sends you a roast chicken.

  18. Chey you are pawsome.
    Helloooooooooooooo my booteeefull Miss Gemini

    yur boyfriendcat

  19. Chey, he sounds like a good guy and you are pawsome
    to help him eat the ham you are giving him 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  20. We must honor those who speak the truth. Ham works as well as anything for a reward.

  21. Whoa! Nefurmind da ham we can’t stop lookin at yur lovely comfy bed! We will hold out on our thots bout govment healthcare till we see if we has enuf green papers left to pay for ham.
    :Beau Beau runs an ducks from da tomato frowing: Wait – me likes begetables!

  22. Big hugs to you, Chey!
    So sorry for our late reply recently.
    Michico has been too busy!!!!!
    We still read your blog but doesn’t have enough time to reply!

  23. That was very nice of you!

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