Meezer Disapproval Monday

IMG_2038aHey someone.  Wash my Mac okay?

Sheesh. First I’m being chased by the feds on trumped up charges and then my computer is all dirty. Who got nose prints on there?! Huh?!

And someone turn the darned thing on.


  1. Nose prints? Did Grete come and visit you?

  2. this made me giggle. very cute!

  3. You just can’t get good staff anymore, can you? It is so tiresome.

  4. Hmmm, I wonder who could have left nose prints on your Mac. Are you going to blame it on Gemini? Good staff is very hard to find.

  5. I see you are in a royal snit, Chey. Off with their heads!

  6. Ther’s nose prints on efurrything in our hoswe. Mom said if yoo have kitties yoo have nose prints on all the windows ~ it’s a fact!

  7. Our mom’s laptop has nose prints and teeth marks!

  8. Nose prints on your Mac? Can you lift those prints and send them to the CIA? (Cat Intelligence Agency)

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. Hmm, you’ll have to take a swab and get a DNA test run and then match it to your suspects. Is Gemini a pawsible offender?

  10. this is completely unacceptable! Who has been messing with your stuff?
    I hope you get this rectified very soon!

    purrrs for a happy day

  11. Nose prints on the Mac? At least those can wash off. We put our teeth on Mom’s laptop once. Oops.

  12. Unacceptable! How are you supposed to communicate with your constituents without computer access?

  13. The nerve of ‘someone’ putting those nose prints on your Mac – and – turning it on too!

    Mindy, Moe, Bono, Cookie & Mike

  14. It wasn’t us. We put noseprints on our own computer.

    You do live an interesting life, Chey.

  15. Geez, Chey, who’s been messing with that Mac???

  16. hmmm… seems to be an epidemic with the macs- ours is so old we cannot even visit many blogs now since they crash us.

    have another ham taco and tequila!

  17. Hehehe, nose prints, that’s a new one. Yes, help is hard to get these days.

  18. It’s just not good enough. Nott Me came in during the night and flicked mud all over our computer screen and mum had the nerve to blame us. She has shut our cat door tonight. She said it is to keep us in because it is raining, but we know it is really to keep Nott Me out.

  19. well SOMEONE is crabby today aren’t they?! sheeeeesh! 🙂

  20. Noseprints that aren’t yours? Yuk!

  21. Noseprints?!? I didn’t think kitties left noseprints. Are you hiding a woofie?

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