Hamirable Award

IMG_7330aFormer Presidential Candidate Cheysuli has declared that she will start awarding the Hamirable Award.  This award will go to anyone who exceeds expectations and does something particularly good.   She was inspired when she sent the Ham of the Month to Congressman Alan Grayson.

“This award will not be limited to politicians.  Certainly there are many deserving cats in the blogosphere.  As they come to my attention, I shall be awarding this particular award to them.  First, I need an artist to create the award.  I shall put upon my human but no doubt such a thing will be stupid if done by her and not up to my exacting standards.”

In other news, as Cheysuli looks around to find the perfect Award for the Hamirable Award, her Human will be leaving her without internet access over the next week.  Cheysuli will not be lost this Friday (although next Friday she will be lost in space AND time).  However, she will return on Monday.

Happy Veteran’s Day


  1. We’ll be thinking of you Chey…want to teleport over and log on here?

  2. That sounds like a great award. See you when your human gets back again.

  3. OMG no Chey for a few days? We’ll miss you. Also, we deserve the ham award because ham is Au’s fave snack and he heard the word and now he wants some!

  4. Sounds like a great award.

    We’ll miss yoo!

  5. This sounds like a wonderful award!!
    We will miss you while your human is away!

  6. Oh Chey, we’ll miss you while the human is gone…at least we won’t hafta worry about losing another round of Finding Chey!

  7. I’ll miss you, but look forward to your return.

  8. How wonderful that you will be awarding those that have done deserving things to help others. Don’t sell your mom short she may come up with a good idea and you will have to say you are sorry for doubting her talents. I am going to miss hearing from you while you are gone. Please just use the time to rest us and I will see you when you get back.

  9. Nice to start the Cheysuli Hamrible Award. Should it be a golden ham with you likeness on the side?

  10. We will sure miss you!
    Hope your Human has a nice time off. We are not sure our Mom could exist without the internet. Sometimes we think she should try!

    See you in a few days..
    Happy Wednesday to you..
    ~ Noah and Miss Emily

  11. Oh my cats, what is the werld comin to? Yur bean leafin you wifout da interwebs? No Find Chey Friday? Sounds like a Find Staff Friday, cept we noes where she’s goin. I like Derby’s trofy suggeshion.

  12. The Hamirable Award is a great idea, Chey! But NO innernets!?! Holy moley!! Stay safe on Friday, since we won’t be able to come looking for you …

  13. WHAT?????????? No Chey on Friday!!!!!!! Sheesh!
    Your Mom better bring you back something nice 😉
    The Hamirable Award sounds really nice 🙂
    If you need ideas, go see William (http://williamthecat.blogspot.com/2009/11/william-and-russell-challenge.html)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  14. Oh Chey, no innernets?!? That is very Wrong.

  15. Mmmmm … a ham reward!

  16. No internet, really?!? That’s no way for your Mom to earn the Ham Award.

  17. We have no internets at home since Mom moved her office back to the Swamp. We will not get it back until we all move to the Swamp either. It has its pros and cons. Mostly we like that Mom comes to bed to snuggle earlier.

    We look forward to seeing your new Ham award!

  18. What! |No internet? However will you manage Chey? Since no-one will be able to find you this Friday, you must try really hard not to get lost. The Hamirable Award sounds like a good idea.

  19. Chey, you sure are one complicated kitty! I think you must be a genius.

  20. That sounds like a great award! See you on Monday, Chey.

  21. What a nice idea fer an award, Chey!

    See ya again when yer internets is back…

  22. I miss you already Chey. I wonder what you’re up to without us. Seeing you your millie bed made my mom want to order us a new one. It’s starting to get a big chilly over here in California. We have an e-mail asking to see the latest styles.

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