Find Chey Friday


Everyone is off traveling.   I think I might decide to go too… but where am I?   Oh dear.  This isn’t my car.  Who is that inside?   I really much stop wandering so much…

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  1. Are you in Longview Washington? Just a guess…

  2. I’m pretty sure you’re in the Taco Bell parking lot…ask the woofy in the car. I think he works there.

  3. Is you in Catifornia? I fink dat green truck is US Forestry. Don’t know!

  4. Looks like you are on the hood of a tan car, in a parking lot somewhere where they don’t get a lot of rain.

  5. Cory is the closest but I am not in Longview. Cory will bite her tail herself when she finds out where I am though… :)!

  6. Nope, we don’t know.

  7. Dang. Nobuddy guessed yet? Our strategy to come late backfired today. Rats.

  8. We don’t have a clue…we tried asking the woofie in the car but he’s not talking….

  9. I’m back…cause I can’t figure out where you are…the only thing that would make me bite my tail is if you were in the parking lot of the Tillamook Cheese Factory!!! Other than that, maybe you stopped at the Burgerville in Centralia for a cheeseburger….

  10. Far more famous than that Cory! :). Centralia is a bit too far north… In fact, if your person goes over the big Bridge in the St John’s area and looks north, on a clear day she can see where I am…

  11. Hmmm … my guess would have been close to Cory’s — somewhere in the Woodland/ Kelso/ Longview area. But I have to agree that the Tillamook Cheese Factory sounds like a place a kitty could love! Good stumper this week, Chey!

  12. Ask Jonesie instead of Cory. Maybe she knows……….

  13. Are you at Mt. St. Helens? If not, I totally give up…and will dig up a picture for you so I really will know where you are!

  14. We knew you could do it Cory!!! YEAH!!!! Yes, we are at Mt. St. Helen’s! Other cats can try guessing which side and which area we are parked at… Now there’s something for ‘Kaika to research! 🙂

  15. We have an ornament made from Mt St Helen’s ash that we got the Mt Ranier giftshop! But we still didn’t know where you were. Concats, Cory.

  16. Mt. St. Helen’s … of course! Good job, Cory! My human was actually visiting Portland in 1980 while the volcano was erupting. I think maybe your human was at one of the visitor centers’ parking lots when she took the picture.

  17. Of course ‘Kaika! Now the question is which one?! That’s a great part of the story–which we will chat about on Sunday!

  18. You a “Cat on Hot Car Hood”.

    Don’t like seeing any creature inside a car like that, even if it is a yappie woofie. Hope your mum is starting to feel better.

  19. I have no idea where you are. I know you are not in NH, though.

    Mom knew that you would understand her frustration. She says thanks for understanding.


  20. OK … how about the Forest Learning Center?

  21. Dunno.

  22. Holy chihuahua! Chey, you are bigger than that yappy woofie! No clue, of course.

  23. We hope you enjoyed your visit to Mt. St. Helens! And we hope your Mom is feeling better too!

  24. Dunno.
    Happy Thanksgiving week-end Chey. I hope you and Gemini got some left over turkey

  25. Oh, this one is easy. You’re on the hood of a car. Do we get our million dollars now? What do you mean we have to tell you where the car is located? In a parking lot, silly.

    So a public animal is a politician. And you’re a politician. But no, we haven’t been abusing you, Chey. We don’t know why anyone doing a search for abuse of a public animal would end up at the Funny Farm. We’re innocent. Innocent!

  26. Concats to Cory, that was well deserved!

  27. You look like you’re in a parking lot to a zoo. But I don’t know where.

  28. Thank yoo fur yer jeneruss offer of ham. Whut yoo seem to fale to remember is that I am A BIG MANCAT, and middulaged to boot, so I can have a big toona-filled furchin and be prowd of it. OTOH, gerlcats are suppost to be thin, fit and hot — like yer sister-in-law is.

    AND my lady duzn’t need a wide angle lenz to take a pikcher with my hole body in it.

  29. …I think you’re on the car….? 🙂

  30. Is it the Johnston Ridge Observatory parking lot (at Mt St Helen’s)?

  31. Found again, Chey. And once again, we had no idea where you were! 🙂

  32. Chey,
    If you don’t come inside, you’re going to be in a drenched in a rainstorm.

    I don’t know who that woofie is, but he’s small. Can’t wait until you tell u.

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