Find Chey Friday


Who are these people and why are they here? What is up with this?  And where is here?  Is this some sort of strange flying saucer?  I hope not. I’ve already been abducted by the Borg!

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  1. we see you there!

  2. Is that the geodesic dome in Washington DC?

  3. You’re on a sidewalk! Hee! Hee! I’m feeling a little feisty and sarcastic today.

  4. Are you at Mitchel Park in Milwaukee?

  5. Does smartypants ‘Kaika git points taken off fur spellin “Mitchel” with only one “L”, and not being spesifik enuf by saying yoo are in frunt of one of the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory Domes in Mitchell Park in Milwaukee?

  6. We wouldn’t have known that. We thought it looked a bit like Wisley Gardens nr. London, but obviously we were wrong.

  7. We thought you had found a very strange igloo.

  8. We stink at this game….

  9. Good going, Kaika! We had never heard of Mitchel Park in Milwaukee, and our human staff only knew about Miller Park.

  10. We stink at this game even worse than the Island Cats!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  11. Oh yeah! Well I triple stink that this game! So there.

    Chey, just come home ok, or maybe hide out in Oregon again so I have a hope of finding you.

  12. There’s a Climatron at the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St Louis that looks quite a lot like that, but not exactly. It is also a geodesic dome, but the pattern on it is different. Cool type of building.

  13. Dunno (again)

  14. I have absolutely no idea! They used to have a dome like that in Montreal at the site of Expo ’67, but I’m sure that’s not where you are. I stink at this, too!

  15. Is that the place where people live and have gardens. Maybe that was a squillion years ago the humans tried that. Mom is very old and sort of remembers.
    Happy Friday~
    ~ Noah

  16. we NEFUR get it right ‘acause we NEFUR get to leaf the house! Efen if you did somefing like the George Eastman House in Rochester, we would still haf to ask the mom. ::SIGH::

  17. Yes Mao and Kaika…. and here I thought I would be waiting for my Midwest cats to check in… .:)!

  18. You always find the coolest places to hang out Chey!

  19. I am checking in, I knew it, but I see two kitties got up very early today and beat me. Way to go Kaika and Maobert.

  20. Excellent! Our new strategy is working purrfectly! We simply wait until Kaika or some other brilliant blogger weighs in and we are off the hook! Now we need never admit to not knowing where you are ever again!

  21. I dunno, but I think it would be funny if you got a really good soprano to stand near that thing and hit the right note…

  22. Actually, Maobert, I wasn’t more specific be cause I wanted to leave something for you you to complain about!

  23. Would it be unfair to read what Kaika says and then say the same thing a different way, pretending I hadn’t read the comments yet?

  24. Chey, Chey…are you OK? The aliens didn’t take you aboard that ship, did they?!

  25. socre blu….are you in montreal? lots of great ham there….

  26. We were late trying to find you, but it’s good to know that Kaika and Mao found you.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  27. There’s a building that looks like that at the Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque, I think. At least, that’s what mom tol’ me.

    I missed you!

  28. Boy no clues or anything. I am not good at this at all. I cannot even guess Daisy’s mystery riddels. The only thing I can see in the photo is that it is some kind of Botanical Garden somewhere. Just where I don’t have a clue. Might be back with a better guess. I must research this more.

  29. I know it isn’t Missouri. That I know, the glass panes are different lyshaped.

  30. It’ not Montrea. Do I get any points for guessing where it isn’t? Ha.

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