Working Wednesday

IMG_7276aThe Woman has had a no good very bad week so I am trying to look my most loving to make her feel better.

Humans are so gullible, aren’t they?


  1. My mom falls for that everytime!

  2. I hope your Mom’s week gets better. It’s sweet of you to give her a loving look to help her out, even if we know that it’s all for show and maybe some treats.

  3. From that angle, it looks like thare’s lots of yoo to cuddle.

  4. Chey, it’s good of you to try to cheer your Mom up!

  5. We bet it works! You’re adorable!

  6. Sometimes you just need to let the humans know who is the boss and it isn’t them.

  7. oh noes, we will come purr on her for a while

  8. That look will make your mom feel better in no time!!

  9. We’re sure it helps! We’re sending many purrs to your mom, too (our mom says she can relate!)

  10. I am sorry your mom had a bum-scrubbly week. I think that means things will start being much better now!

  11. I hope her week gets better soon.

  12. Oh we hope yur Mom’s week gets better. Its no gud when der r strangers in da howze doin bangin fings. Miss Gemini I will come ofur and hold yur paw furr yoo. We is soooo glad dat all dem strangers frum our howze is gone.

    your boyfriendcat

  13. I gess that works bedder than “Suck it up and fetch me sum Temtayshuns womman”. Not that I’d ever say that, of korse.

  14. You do look very loving indeed, Cheysuli! I would believe it, if I were your mama. I’m sure you really do love her and that’s what makes you so believable in the first place.

  15. Yup we are which is precisely why you should take this opportunity to purr, cuddle and fluff with your mum. Believe me, it’s worth it because you get paid back in treats when she’s feeling better.

  16. hope your pet human is feeling better soon…your site looks great. so sorry we have not been around our pet human was too busy with famous dogs to bother with our needs these past few days.

  17. With a cute face like that, who wouldn’t feel better!

  18. Mom’s are very vulnerable and a no good very bad week isn’t good at all. Your great looks certainly brightened her day!

  19. Purrsonally I find throwing myself at My Mummy and loving her until she is smothered in gorgeous sorrel furs works every time! Since My Mummy has had a bad few weeks I have been furring her morning, noon and night in an effort to cheer her up, now if only I could convince her to stop force feeding me auntie-biotics… 😉


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