Super Tocks Cheysuli is CLEARED

IMG_7216aFormer Presidential Candidate and Fugitive Cheysuli has been seen flying over the land, fighting crime and rescuing young kittens from vishus deer.  Seen only from behind for mere moments before fleeing again, she has earned the name Super Tocks.

“I thought it was a pig myself,” said one unnamed Meezer who seemed annoyed that Cheysuli was getting even more publicity.

Critics state that such vigilantism is bad for the nation.

However, supporters launched a petition and fund drive that reached all the way to Washington DC.   Some charges had already been dropped but the using of privately grown catnip continued to plague her.   Finally an attorney pointed out that there was no law against that.  Big Catnip wasn’t pleased and is now lobbying for just such a law.   Super Tocks, however plans to keep fighting for the freedom to inhale whatever catnip you like!


  1. Yay! I’m so glad you’re cleared!

  2. Hurrah!

  3. You fought a vishus dear? omcat! you are my hero all over again!

  4. Chey, can you come here and chase off the sneaky vishus deer that are eating all the flowers??

  5. I thought it looked like a ham too. Glad you are cleared. I think clearing out vishus deer is going to take up all your time from now on.

  6. Wonderful! I am so glad that you are cleared! I think I’ll take a vacation. Maybe I’ll go to New Jersey. you know, for the big game

  7. Yay, you are our freedom fighter…freeing us from vishus deer!!! 😀

    Love your fleeting pic!

  8. I’m glad that mess is cleared up, but they’ll be watching your every move now. My advice to you would be to lay low for a while….if you can.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  9. Being elusive must have been very helpful. For a while, we thought you would have to remain a fugitive meezer forever.

  10. Go, Super Tocks! Glad you were cleared..

  11. *whew*
    What a reeelief Chey, we is so glad yoo is not gonna be locked up or wurst…
    we is sooo glad dat yur name is clear!

    Hellllloooo gorjuss Miss Gemini

    yur boyfriendcat

  12. YAY, now you can stay home and rest!

  13. Well, I’m glad you are cleared, but I seriously misread your headline…I thought it said “Super Socks” not “Super Tocks”…I was thinking that, you know there were socks involved here.


    xoxo Cory

  14. That is excellent news, Chey. But never forget, with great power comes great responsibility…

  15. You go Cheysuli!!!

  16. YAY, CHEY! Keep up the good werk…

  17. It’s about dang time!!!

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