Whining Wednesday

IMG_7290aI am sitting here in the sun thinking about several things.  The first thing is why the Woman had all the windows open yesterday when it was so cold.  I realize there was a horrible stink. I realize they couldn’t even sleep upstairs (and I had to laugh that that meant the Male overslept and was late to his first meeting!).  Still, did they have to leave all the doors open? It was cold and windy.  

A meezer could freeze.

Then the Woman left.  LEFT.   And she drove and picked up the cow.  Because she couldn’t stand the smell here and it was TOO COLD with all the windows open.  Did she take me?   No.  Did she even ask? NO.

I don’t even like beef.  Now if she gotten ham…that would have been a forgivable thing.  But no.  She didn’t get ham.


  1. You poor thing! Neglected and starved! But I bet you let them know all about your trials, right?

  2. We don’t get it, why should they let the windows open so a delicate Meezer could freeze? Humans!

  3. So not fair, Chey…first you freeze, then no ham! The woman deserves to be ignored for a long while!!

    (hey, thanks for the birthday wishes for our mom yesterday!)

  4. Freezing and ham free is no way to live! The horror!

  5. We are still waiting on our mom to open our windows so we can sniff and smell some fresh air. Sorry you didn’t get any ham.

  6. You’re strarving? Humans sometimes just don’t get it!! You are too much of a cute kitty to deal with such trauma!

  7. wait, your the mom gotted a WHOLE COW?

  8. Oh no! I hope you had some good blankets to snuggle up into.

  9. Oh my gosh. it is as if you are living in a concentration camp over there. Such inordinate amount of suffering you are enduring. I will purr for strength for you my dear. Don’t give up.
    perhaps you could burrow under something and shiver quietly – or not quietly is better actually.


  10. A whole cow? Does it still moo or is it deaded?

  11. What, no ham on Wednesday! You will get ham tomorrow, right?

  12. It seems to me, the least she could have done while she was out, wpuld have been to stop at the deli and get a few measly slices of ham for you, considering everything you go through.


  13. What about a little wine to go with your whine? Let me see, red goes best with beef. Chey, you don’t know how good you really have it! If you’re cold, just snuggle into their bed under a comforter or something.

  14. I am so sorry that you were freezing – I hate being cold too! Since your mom didn’t even have any ham for you, I brought some over for you. I snagged it out of the lunch meat drawer before they all go in to have lunch, LOL!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  15. Are they trying to turn you into a Cheysicle?

  16. How very inconsiderate of your Mom! It’s almost enough to make you go snuggle with Gemini, just to warm up, of course.

  17. Did she Freeze your Meeze, Chey? Gah!

  18. Poor Chey, getting frozen, and then deserted so your mom can have a cow. That isn’t fun. We hope that the windows get closed soon, and they turn on the heat for you. We also hope you get some yummy hamm since you don’t like the cow your mom is going to have.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  19. Your Mom left you home with the stink and the windows open to let in cold air?????
    She did not consider your comfort??????????
    Make her pay!!! Big time!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  20. You’re not whining, Chey! We think you have a legitimate beef… (or should we rephrase that?)

  21. A whole deaded cow? Wow, that will be lots to eat. Hope they close the windows so you can get warmed up.

  22. Frozen, hungry…that’s no way to treat a Meezer! Do you want to move in here with us for a week until the stink is gone? We could have fun. Could you bring a stinky sock please?

  23. Oh wow! A kitty stays away for a few days and I almost didn’t recognize your blog.

    It’s even in the 50s today in SC!

  24. Leaving a kitty all cold is unacceptable. You know what you have to do. Pillow, poop…

  25. I don’t blame you for whining. You could have gotten sick because of the cold. Hrmph! Humans!

  26. Improper food……..not enough heat……what is wrong with your beans?????

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