Thankful Thursday

IMG_1673aI feel very thankful to have such a nice napping spot.  I am also quite thankful that all those charges have been dropped. Now I can get back to what I do best.


And eating.

And snarking around.

And avoiding the Male.

You know… cat things.


  1. You look deliciously comtaose there, Chey.

  2. Oops, should have typed comatose.

  3. That is a really nice napping spot. I am so happy that the charges have been dropped, so you don’t have to hide out any more.

  4. oh you look so snuggley cute!!

  5. Sounds you have a perfect day~!
    What a great atmosphere!

  6. Those are great things to be thankful for, Chey!

  7. Doing cat things is better than doing anything else!

  8. We’re glad you’re not on the run anymore and can relax!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. We are thankful for Thursdays because it is the last day of the week when we can visit you and not feel like complete buffoons. Because Where’s Chey Friday always seems to be Big Buffoons Day for us. Srsly. But today! Today we are brilliant for one more day! hahahaha!

  10. You know Chey…Jonesie says that if you even dream of gardening you can join her club. Are you dreaming of rolling in a nice patch of nip right now? Are you dreaming of watching birdies fly overhead?

    Glad all the charges were dropped and you can snooze peacefully now. We wonder where you are headed tomorrow? Of course after you post a picture, I’ll still be wondering!

  11. We haven’t been able to keep up with what has been happening whilst we have been locked up, but we are very thankful to hear that all charges against you have been dropped. We are also very thankful to be released from purrison so we can visit all our friends again.

  12. we is very glad that you is off the hook!

  13. After your nap maybe you can get down to business and work on health cat reform. Your intelligence and meows as a political leader are still needed, there are scrillions of uninsured cats out there. Won’t you lend a paw? 🙂

  14. We sure do like the afghan you are napping on.
    Glad things worked out OK!
    ~ The Bunch

  15. Out like a light!

  16. You deserve to rest after your life of constant intrigue, Chey! Now that the charges have been dropped a long nap is in order for sure.

  17. You look very blissed out, Chey! Nothing beats a good nap.

  18. Oh Chey, it looks like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders!

  19. I’m thankful you’ve been cleared, too! Are you still having problems with the male?

  20. I like doing cat things.

  21. And you can get an extra hour of sleeps this weekend when we find the hour in the clock where it has been hiding.

  22. happy snarking to all!

  23. You look so comfy cozy there! Tommy says she wants to just scoop you up! If ain’t feelin her doing that–hiss at her–she’ll get the message…in the meantime, I’d snuggle close to you.


  24. You wook so wewaxed Chey!

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