Thankful Thursday

collageI am quite thankful that I have survived the Male’s birthday.   It’s such a relief. I even jumped on the bed and meowed at him first thing this morning. 

I realize I was actually looking for the Woman who I passed in the dark hall as she stumbled to the bathroom but I missed her.  I was quite stressed.

I hope that the Male appreciated my thoughtful jump and meow.

You know, he thinks that thinking about scratching himself is more important than thinking about me?  Can you imagine?  Well–maybe you’d rather not…


  1. Hehe..

    I hope the male and u will get along together, soon or later.



  2. He didn’t appreciate you waking him up this morning? That is just wrong. We think he needs to spend more time worshipping you.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  3. He scratched himself before squizzling you? And without even a word of worship, praise or love? Goodness how shocking! Never mind, your majesty. He’ll come round eventually.

  4. Is he ignoring yoo?

  5. We’re glad you survived…he should give you a scratch instead of himself!

  6. We are glad you survived. My offer of bringing Tony by for a “visit” still stands though. – Samuel Alfonse Meezer

  7. did you give him a birthday bite?

  8. Oh go on, give him a smooch!

  9. We think the male would make better use of that scratching if it was done on your head, behind your ears and under your chinny-chin-chin.

  10. Hmmm…have you tried kneading on the bed next to him and purring? You could look at him with blinking, loving eyes too. Surely his heart would melt and kitty talk would come flooding from his mouth!

  11. Males are usually a little backward. That’s what I think. We have to make allowances for them.

  12. Most Males can be quite egocentric, Chey! Only we females are always thinking of others. Sad, but true.

  13. Poor Chey…the male makes your life miserable doesn’t he?

  14. Well, at least your survived.

  15. pee ess…mom can’t type.

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