Tabby Tuesday

IMG_7108aCheysuli pounced on me the other night. I was sleeping so nicely at the foot of the bed by Momma’s feet.  And then suddenly Cheysuli was up by Momma’s head and she started swishing her tail under Momma’s nose and then she LEAPED.  And landed on me.   She was not very nice.  

Anyway the next day I crawled under Momma’s blanket.  Then Cheysuli stepped on me as she walked up the bed! I was not happy but I stayed by Momma because it was nice and warm there.   And I was close to Momma and Cheysuli was not.  

Anyway she has been a pill lately.   I am not very happy with her.


  1. I hate to say this, but when my momma Ellie is under the covers my favorite game in the whole world is to walk on her! I can’t help it.

  2. I think Chey is restless to get out in the open, but she can’t because she is still being hunted.

  3. Maybe Chey didn’t know you were under the covers, but getting pounced on is no fun for the pouncee – just the pouncer.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  4. I agree that Cheysuli is probably going a little stir-crazy from having to hide out for so long. She still shouldn’t take it out on you, though, Gemini. I guess your best revenge is that you were close to the Mom and warm and she wasn’t.

  5. Pity u..
    Hope everything will turn back to ok soon 🙂

  6. Sometimes just very hard to be with your brothers or sisters,
    believe I just know!
    I just can’t get with Lego!

  7. Tesla has been running all over like a kitten again. She’s doing zoomies and jumping on me and not being nice either. -hansel

  8. Billy walks all ofur us when we are unner the covers. he has no “space-shul awareness”

  9. You stick your ground, Gemini! Don’t let others walk all over you! Isn’t Chey always a bit of a pill?

  10. Milo does that to me ALL the time. :sigh:

    Alfie xx

    I so DO NOT!

    Milo xx

  11. What? Isn’t the whole point of the ‘Somebuddy iz under the covers’ game to walk and pounce on them.?! We are very confuzed now, Gemini.

  12. It’s a hard life for a kitty, isn’t it?

  13. Harley does that to me every day. I hates it.

  14. Maybe you need to give Chey some of her own medicine and pounce on her!

  15. Would a 3 AM cat fight help?

  16. Yeah,we guess it is hard to like a cat
    that walks on you all the time 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  17. When Jasmine gets under the covers with Mom, some of us walk on her, too. She is the newest one here and we do not think she deserves to be so close to Mom!..but some of us do not want to go under the covers..
    ~ The Bunch

  18. Gettin pounced is hard. I pounce Ayla in the rooms, she pounces me when I am unner the blankie snugglin The Big Thing. We need a truce…

  19. That is SO NOT nice!

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