Tabby Tuesday

IMG_7076aMomma wanted to get a photo of my tocks but I did not want to show them off. I have not been a happy cat lately.

There have been PEOPLE in my house and not Momma.  And they have been making lots and lots of noise. I have been hiding.  I do not like it when it is noisy in my house.

Momma said they were supposed to be there yesterday but no one ever came. They did not tell Momma they wouldn’t be there and she was very mad. I guess they are having problems finding materials for how to do our stairs.  I do not like the stairs as they are now with just wood on them. I know that there will be wood when it is finished but this wood bothers my toes sometimes.  And Momma doesn’t like that there is no rail and I just hang over the side.

We will all be glad when it is done.   Then I won’t have to purr at Momma so much to keep her from being so mad at the people working.


  1. I am usually curious enough about people in my house to come out of hiding to take a look, but I think if people were doing major things to my stairs I would hide forever. I hope for your sake they will be done soon.

  2. We don’t like workmen in the house either ~ or noisy children!

    PS: We find it quite hard to read the type size when we are posting a comment in ~ altho it gets bigger when it prints out. And we wasn’t sure what to press to read today’s post ~ Mom said we’ll get used to it ~ but we’re missing your old blog tenplate!

  3. Strangers in the house is never any fun!

  4. We sure hope they hurry up and finish working!! Not nice of them to say they will show up and then pull a no show. Our mom would be mad too!

  5. Mom said that we have to have people in the house tomorrow. She won’t say what for…it’s supposed to be a surprise, but I hope they don’t make us all mad. I think it’s good that you are purring hard at your mom because she needs it right now.

  6. Gemini, I’m like you…I do not like strange people in my house making lots of noise! I hope those strange people go away soon and you can have some peace and quiet once again…oh, yeah, and stairs that don’t hurt your feets…


  7. We have never tried to post a comment–but you are right–this is really small print when you input it.

    That isn’t a good thing. There are a few things about this template that we don’t like–one is that we wish we could see some print from today’s entry as well as the photo. We won’t be going back to the old template though because it no longer works. The Woman is looking around for something similar to this one but with the changes that she mentioned.

  8. We know nothing about WordPress, but we agree that the font is small. The post came up perfectly for us, though.

    And we don’t like workmen in the house OR humans trying to take ‘tock photos (except for Franklin the show-off!)

  9. Nothing is ever purrfect. The only template Mom really loved everybuddt else hated! Doh!

  10. Oh poor Tabby girl! Hopefully, it will all be over soon. And when it’s just wood, it’s really good for sliding — and all your toys will move a lot better — like balls and meeses! ?

  11. Poor Gemmy. I don’t like haffing peeple mess up my peeseful house neether.

    By the way I want yoo to know I reely reely like yur new blog design. I don’t think I haff tole you that yet. I am impresst with it!

    Oh, and yes, I did meet Fiona Bun but I won’t tell that story til tomorrow. So many pictures and stories from my trip. This bloggin is hard work!

  12. Noisy people in the house upset my poor Angus too. He hides for hours after they leave. It does sound like th stairs will be better off though, so hidey away!

  13. Sorry about the problems at your house, Gemini. Half of our house is under construction at the moment (a really loooong moment), so I feel your pain!

    This blog certainly does have a different look, but we’ll all get used to it just fine!

  14. We don’ t like it when people we don’t know come in our house. George is the only one who comes out. He’s brave and the rest of us aren’t.


  15. What are they doing making that loud noise?
    this condition is just for a while, you will have your peace back soon.

    P.S. I love your new side look 🙂

  16. mamacat & the furrypurries says:

    We all take off and hide, too, Gemini, when somebody rings the doorbell. Except for Alice, that is. She runs TO the door and she also loves the vacuum cleaner. She definitely lives on her own little planet.
    The FurryPurries
    Ozzy, Alice, Bootsie, Freckles, Lola, Dandelo & Honey

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