Sunday Guest Star: Mr Echo

whazzatechoMr Echo found me this week.  He said, “OMC, I think I know! Yoo are at a concert! And what a grate place to heer music. At the very cool ice palace in Sapporo, Japan! Dood, hide yur nip in the litter box…izzint that whare Paul McCartney wuz bustid?”

I have to say I don’t know a  whole lot about this place.   I just got here!  I’m glad you know about it though!  Apparently although Zevo didn’t know where I was, he did know about those Paul McCarney was charged, “you are a rock star…. and it does not matter if they say you are growing or using illegal nip…. paul mccartney once faced these same charges! now we are waiting for the Cheysuli concert to begin….where are my matches?”

I am quite thrilled that Mr Echo found me! He hasn’t found me in a long time, if ever and I love love love it when new cats find me!

Of course, ‘Kaika, as always knew where I was.   Apparently when this photo was taken, there was no snow but it is the Ice Palace.

Cory was not at all correct but wants to sing back up to me and I am happy to have any cat who wants to sing join me!  I think that is a great idea!

We are left, of course with the burning question that Skeezix leaves us with, “Pawl McKartney was bustid in a litter box?”  Personally, I’m surprised he fit…


  1. Missed your trip this week! Mom has been really busy with work, but I haven’t forgotten y ou. Remember, you can come and hide out anytime in SC.

  2. I know…I’m clueless per usual, but I’m always willing to sing! I’m quite good…really. I’m way better at singing than I am at geography or Chey finding.

  3. Oh, Chey… the litter box is the *first* place they look! (Don’t ask me how I know…)

  4. Congratulations to Mr. Echo. I hope everycat found a safe place to stash their nip.

  5. Between going as his flat slef to San Francisco, and now knowing a cool place in Japan, Mr Echo is quite the traveler. Congrats to him. Looking forward to next week’s adventure in finding you, Chey.

  6. Congrats to Mr. Echo! We didn’t have a clue except that you were at a concert…

  7. Good to grow your own nip as that will save the $$$ and you can spend that savings on more cat toys or something. I think it it OK with the law to grow the nip so don’t worry.

  8. Thank you for bringing so much ham to celebrate yesterday!

  9. Thank you for my happy Gotcha Day wishes! Life is so much better now that I am safe and fur-ever home.

  10. Congrats to Mr Echo! And we loved the other comments about Mcartney and the litterbox!

  11. Way to go, Mr. Echo!

  12. Mr Echo iz furry astute. I yam reely not furry brite.. I yam tryin’ to figgur outs yer new bloggee. I almostee fainted tyin’ to findz da commint sexshun. Da momee tinks it iz cool lookin’ but I yam flummoxed. (HIC!) Of coursee da 25 sips of nip (HIC!) didn’t help!

  13. Good work Mr Echo. FAZ

  14. Good job Mr. Echo!

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