Sunday Guest Star: Kaika

209003_1129794615I knew this one would be difficult.  ‘Kaika, with a bit of coaching found me!  ‘Kaika said, “Are you back at Chateau Laroche, also known as Castle Loveland, in Loveland, Ohio?”

And indeed I was.  I have no idea who the skeleton was though..

Mickey gave a very good guess,

“Ooooooooooo Chey!!!!!!!!
Are you in the closet???????
Mom always said people have skeletons in the closet ;)
See ya at the wedding!!!!!!!
BOO!!!!!!!! Mickey”

Indeed skeletons are almost always in a closet and it looked a bit like a closet that this fellow was in as well..

Molly and Shadow said, “Where ever yoo is, he certainly needs to eat a sandwich!” I think he is not the only one who needs a sandwich.

I am really curious as to how Kaika gets out to all of these places.   He finds me everywhere!



  1. Congratulations to Kaika.

  2. Maybe Kaika is a spy and that is how you were turned in . . .

  3. Yes, Concats Kaika! I’m just always bamboozled.

  4. That was a tough one! Congrats to Kaika!!

  5. Kaika is purrty smart!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  6. It was a hard one this week!

  7. There is no way I could have gotten it. Not without some more googlable clues! Good for Kaika!

  8. Hmmmm, Kaika is amazing!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  9. Good job, Kaika!

  10. Hi Chey, we finally got mom to sit long enuff fur us to leave comments. Kaika is purrty smart. We din’t look at da piksher long enuff to figger it out cuz it was kinda scary.

  11. Yay for Kaika.

  12. Concats to Kaika. Just our luck that we were locked up when you had the British ones.

  13. ‘Kaika’s a big smartypants.

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