Sunday Guest Star: Kaika


'Kaika is in the middle...

Yes, once again ‘Kaika found me. I made this an easier one for all you cats who never find me. I thought all my British Cat Friends would immediately find me.

Kaika said, “I think you are at the river entry to the Traitors Gate entry at the Tower of London,” and indeed I was.   Katz also knew where I was, saying, “Yup, Tower of London at Traitor’s Gate it is! You are a well-traveled cat, Chey. Hey, how come nobody is throwing down their cloaks so that your majesty doesn’t get wet paws and whiskers?”

And I have to say, yes why not?  They should have! I am sure such a thing was what threw Milo and Alfie off on their guess…

‘Kaika had a warning for me too-“I wouldn’t stay there too long, Chey. There may be some traitors lurking who might reveal your whereabouts …”

Roxy got it too and she needs to be recognized because she was so thrilled!

Are you at the Tower of London? The gate where they brought Elizabeth the 1st in, traitor’s gate?

Oh man, I got it and I’m not first! Bummer!


Wendy was also correct but not completely-“My best guess is somewhere on the Thames River in England. Chey, you are always so challenging! It makes my tiny mind hurt.”

Molly, Shadow and Trooder were also thrilled to have a good guess, “Oh Oh Oh, The mom finks she knows dis one. She says it looks like the castle in London dat she bisited in 2000. But we dun know ourselves as we wasn’t there and we wasnt born yet.”

Finally Derby also got it and had a bit of advice for those like me who go traveling, “Yep, sitting on the foreshore of the Thames in front of the Tower of London. You should look for interesting stuff in the river mud. They call them mudlarks and they find old coins and lots of other stuff.,9171,1927261,00.html”


  1. Yes! Kaika definitely needs a blog!

  2. Chey, in room 17, there is a plane ticket inna plain brown envelope unner a noospaper ta Country X where ya will be safe fer a few days. It’s in tha name of “Cheyka”. When ya arrive, ya will be greeted by a meezer kitty holdin a sign what says “”Sulichey”. Trust her…

  3. Friday iz THE day that it is unavoidable to hide our ignorance on world travel. :sigh:

  4. What the 3-G’s said…

  5. Wow! There’s lots of smart kitties out there in the blogosphere…we’re not 3 of them…at least not when it comes to geography….

  6. Kaika, I do recommend getting your own blog. It is easier than I had thought and lots of fun. I started mine a week ago.

  7. Did you really go to the Tower of London?

  8. Did you know that Grete went looking for you? She went to the lighthouse where you were months ago…she said she could follow the faint scent…and then it was gone. She said she has friends at the dog park that can protect you. If only they can find you.

  9. Chey!!!!!
    It iz moi!!! Da momee lets me gets on da comphooter today & I yam vizytin’ moi palz.
    Where didz you get da Kaika???? I cannots beleev all da new catsez I see.
    Dis iz furry good to see.
    I missed you,
    Dr T

  10. Hey Chey!! Once again we have a lot of very smart kitties 🙂
    Mom was so late coming home Friday that we did not get to visit :O
    We all had a lazy weekend,heehee Hope you are doing OK while living an the lam!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  11. I never would have guessed where you were but I’m glad that you were found!

    Purrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  12. Congratulations to Kaika. I just might have known this one, but I was in no condition to blog on Friday.

  13. thanks for visiting me Chey.

  14. Drat! A picture in Britain that I would have known, and I didn’t come by on Friday to have a look!

  15. Love the new blog look, Chey. So you got back OK without being betrayed huh? Shows UK standards are falling! Now off to visit Simba.

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