Sunday Guest Stars: Derby and Kaika

IMGP4449Derby and Kaika were the two cats who got the answer right. Derby correctly figured that I was in England at Hampton Court.   Kaika identified that I was in the maze.  Derby said,

“The gardens at Hampton Court Palace.”

‘Kaika added, “Are you in the maze?”

I am certain that both cats used Simba’s astute clue, “Must be some sort of hedge place, maybe a maze, and those look like castle turrets or something, sort of English-looking? I am really baffled.”

Daisy thought it looked like a plant jail.  Max added to that saying, “Holy carp, it looks like they tossed you into weed jail and impaled you!”

No, I am just, as several other cats suggested, stretching out! I am leaning back over the top of the little sign that says that you have reached the center of the maze.   Oddly, my humans managed to find it without any problems, which I found a great surprise.  I think they need to create a catnip maze in my yard. Or maybe just in the living room.  That would be safer.


  1. Congratulations to Derby and Kaika. I think a catnip maze sounds wonderful.

  2. Congratulations to Derby and Kaika, and to your humans for reaching the center of the maze. I thought the sign was saying something about the beginning of a maze!

    Oh, yes, a catnip maze would be fabulous! Although no cat would ever get much beyond the begnning, they would be so attracted tot he leaves right at the entrance! Funny mental image that – hundreds of cats rolling on the ground there.

  3. Congrats to Derby and Kaika! We never woulda guessed that one!

  4. Congratulations to Derby and Kaika! I had no idea on this one. It just looked scary to me.

  5. I’m always a-mazed that anyone figures out where you are Chey. Very smart kitties in the CB for sure.

    I’m going to meow at my mom and Jonesie to plant a catnip maze in our yard. From the window I’d be able to solve it and laugh at Ginger when she won’t be able to figure it out.

  6. Hooray for Derby and Kaika!

    My Mommeh want in a plant maze once. She said she got all hot and sweaty and tired and gave up before she got to the end!

  7. Oh dear! Foiled again!

  8. Congratulations to Derby and Kaika.
    We love Max…“Holy carp, it looks like they tossed you into weed jail and impaled you!”
    Good thing you got out 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  9. Hi friends! It looks like you are still up to your games Chey. Good for you. It amazes us how many smart friends you have.
    Kitty kisses,

  10. An a-maze-ing job of deduction by Kaika and Derby!

  11. Oh goody, I am a Sunday Star again.

  12. Congrats to you again, Derby!

  13. My human is so useless, she should have got that one easily if she tried. I think I need to have a stern work with that girl. FAZ

  14. We like Daisy’s answer, even though it was wrong. 🙂

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