Samantha and Mr Tigger are missing

mrtigger-samantha-comehome-250Oh dear–Samantha and Mr. Tigger managed to get outside and are missing.  We are purring hard.  We remember how scary this was when Gemini got out for a day.  We can only imagine what their people are going through right now.  Send them some good thoughts, please.


  1. This is very scary, with them in a new home and everything. Most of the time, they will hunker down and stay close by. Put posters up everywhere, call the local vets and fax posters to them. Place an ad in the paper and look, look, look for them. We are purring for them to come back home soon

  2. We are purrin REAL loud fer Sam an Tigger!

  3. Oah My God this is so horrible news!!
    I am purring and purring and purring they will return soon!!!

  4. oh noes! 🙁
    we are purraying hard

  5. Srsly? That’s horrible! We’re purring very hard too.

  6. We are purring like mad ~ we so want them both to be safe and get back home. We remember only too well wot it was like when Milo went missing about a week ago.

    Alfie xx

    We want them safe and home.

    Milo xx

  7. Oh no! That must be really scary! Our mom said she’d be really frightened if that happened to us. We went by their blog to leave them some come-home purrs.

  8. This is my Mom’s worst fear, when I escape off my deck. How coincidental that I put up a post about trying to escape just yesterday. Usually they know instantly, and I am just nearby. And now that I have learned I am not supposed to get out, I always come running right back.

    We so hope they will be able to find their way back home, or somebody will find them. If they are nearby, would they maybe come to the sound of shaking a Temptations package?

  9. We got our motors going for them.

  10. They just have to find their way back home!

    We like what you have done to your blog!

  11. Please come home, you two. It’s no fun out there! Everyone is worried about you.


  12. I’m purring really hard. I had just slipped out my front door when mom read this and we were both upset. I hope Samantha and Mr. Tigger are home soon.

  13. I’m purring so hard for them to come home. It can be so scary for then and for their Mom. But I keep faith. Our neighbor’s cat was out for about three weeks, declawed, and made it back home just a little skinnier. So I keep up the faith.

    Love the new look!

  14. Um, we cant really figure out how ta read yer new blog. We’re confoosed… Sorry.

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