Meezer-Tocks Monday

IMG_7279aIt is still Toc-Tober so here are some more meezer tocks to please you all.  In the interest of making this family friendly and before I get some horrible rating for having too much nudity on my site (you know they are always after me), I have toned down the tocks today.

The floor is almost done.  They worked all weekend.  It seems that the older gentlemen who has accompanied the workers is aware that we live in our house and he has been very polite and makes sure that things are done correctly.   This is a big relief.  He also shows up when he says he will.   I suspect that those people who gave this company high marks worked with him!

I shall be glad to roll around on the bamboo hardwood upstairs when this is done. In fact, I have already erped on it.   I think it is fine wood and holds a puke quite nicely–although it is annoyingly easy to clean it up after…



  2. Oooh, Chey. Those are lovely tocks. Don’t mind me. I’m jes gonna sit here and stare at them awhile.

  3. We will consider that a good dignified TOCKS picture suited to yer politucal status and bein on the run an all…

  4. Very nice tocks, Chey. You urped on the new floor already? Good going. New stuff has to be broken in right away.

  5. Agree! Nice Tocks!


    keep rollin’ over buddy!

  6. It’s impawtant to erp on noo floor straight away to check it’s OK. Tee hee! Altough yoors sounds sub-standard flooring ‘cos it was too easy to kleen up.

  7. PS: We love yoor tocks!

  8. Daddy wahed the hardwood floors this weekend and I rewarded him by yakking on them right away. He was so pleased…

  9. Fabulous tocks shot!

  10. Oh yes! Puking on the floor is lovely! Especially when it isn’t even finished yet!!!

    Luf, Us

  11. Those are some fine ‘tocks, Chey! Good job on yakking on the new floor…like christening it with champagne!

  12. nice tocks!!!!

  13. Chey, those ‘tocks are very artfully dsiplayed.

    Great work on the urping! Were you loud and dramatic about it too? Ginger hurled in the middle of the night and woke us all up.

  14. We too love this ‘tock offering. The new floor sounds okay, do you get a good grip on it?
    Mom says she had bet we wouldn’t touch the meat too, so she was amazed at how much we loved it. It can only be a treat though as raw meat doesn’t contain everything we need. Up to 20% of raw meat without suplementing is considered okay. We want more though!

  15. Erping on new floors is the best! (We also like doing it on clean floors.) Happy Monday!

  16. Those are great ‘tocks Chey. You are looking very demure in your photo.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  17. We love bamboo floors! So pretty, and good for the environment to use a sustainable product. I hope you will show a photo when it is all done!

  18. Furry nice ‘tocks Chey!
    Now where r da Gemini ‘tocks?

    Hellllllllllllooooooooooooo Miss Gemini
    yur boyfriendcat

  19. Oh Chey !!!!! Nice tocks!!!! ! 🙂
    We giggled that you already ‘erped’ on the floor 🙂
    You are quite a cat Chey !!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  20. Ya gotta christen the floor someday, might as well do it early.

  21. When you have the body, it’s your duty to share it with the world. We are awed by your tocks. But we’re not so awed by your contribution to the bamboo floor. Yech!

  22. OK, now everyone knows the new floor is erp-resistant!

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