Meezer on the Floor Monday

IMG_7311aYou all asked for photos of our new floor that was giving the Woman fits.  Well here are the stairs–at least a little. 

The hardwood is all bamboo hardwood.  The stairs are open on the far side (she is working on getting us to pose in a photo of that) but here are the stairs. That took them about 4 days and there are only about 6 stairs (half a staircase up and then half down but they didn’t do the half down stairs yet).

So I am looking out and looking at her from behind my cat post!  I am good at hiding, in case you didn’t guess.  It comes from always being in trouble!

You can see some wall damage on the wall too can’t you?


  1. They look pretty…what we can see of them! How about coming out of hiding and sitting on the stairs for us Chey…maybe do a reinactment of the urping incident?

  2. The stairs are looking good, Chey…but we wanna see more of you!

  3. The stairs look very nice, Cheysuli. I think they would look nicer if you were sitting on them.

  4. The bamboo stairs are beautiful!!

  5. How beautiful!

  6. Oh bamboo — those must be fun running up and down on! I know I would have a great time playing herd of thundering elephants on them!
    Hellllllllllllooooooooooo Miss Gemini!
    your boyfriendcat

  7. WOW ~ it’s lovely! Who didded the damage though? Just asking!

  8. wait, we is ‘afused. you haf stairs that ONLY go up and stairs that ONLY go down? you is really lucky!

  9. That’s very circumspect of you, Chey! Just peeking around the corner like that! Did you do the damage to the wall, or did they do that when they were finishing the stairs? Nice stairs by the way. Bamboo is something you don’t hear about too often — at least around here.

  10. We see the damage. We hope that doesn’t cause too much trouble to get fixed. And we see you peeking around the corner. If only the pawparazzi would leave you alone, you wouldn’t have to be so good at hiding.

    We are having a hard time with your blog. We may have to try it at home with Firefox.

  11. It looks pretty! We would like to eventually put bamboo in our carpeted areas, but we have lots of stairs. It might take months to finish!

  12. The stairs look very lovely, but they would be even lovelier with you on them. We hope everything gets finished soon.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  13. Lovely stairs.

    How can the Woman see you? Only one of your eyes is showing. Doesn’t that mean you are invisible?

  14. Chey,you are too cute,heehee The stairs look pretty good too 😉
    I am glad you had fun at the Bridal shower.
    I hope you and Gemini got to relax after all the stresses in your lives lately 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  15. Looking mysterious there.

  16. It looks lovely. And surprisingly no urps from you, Chey. Are you on your best behaviour by any chance?

  17. Yoo do hide well Chey! It’s furry nice lookin stairs yoo gots now.

  18. Hmmm. I think you’re hiding behind the wall so your big booty isn’t seen on camra. Do yoo think we don’t notiss theeze things?

  19. Come on Chey, it’s time we get to see you again. Those stairs look very nice.

  20. We trust that wall damage was by the bamboo Beins, an not you Chey…

  21. Lookee YOU! What a wonderful and GREAT picture!!! You oughta be a cover model!


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