Find Chey Friday


I was running around and look what I found.  I bet no one will ever think to look for me here.   I might be stuck here for the rest of my life! ACK!  I wish I hadn’t eaten all the temptations I was dropping to find my way out either!  Oh dear… I might be in trouble now.

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  1. Mom tells me she has been to a place that looked a lot like that, and it is called Meramec Caverns in Missouri. But I also know there is a famous place in Virginia called Luray Caverns, in the Sheandoah Valley. Are you at one of these places, Chey? Really good hiding place! I hope you can find your way out, though. You may have to sneak behind the tourists to find out how to get out.

  2. I think that Simba is right!

  3. Chey, how do you manage to get yourself in these predicaments?? Of course, we don’t know where you are….

  4. Chey, you look like you are inside some monster’s belleh! Did you get swallowed up?

  5. I sure hope there’s a litter box in there!

  6. Simba might be close but is not quite correct. Keep looking for me!!!

  7. The plot thickens!!

  8. oh no, crystal caverns?

  9. Mom said she has been to Luray Caverns in Virginia and she said it does look the same ~ so she would have advised us to guess that, BUT we got beat to the answer! :sigh:

  10. We sure do hope you can get owt!!
    It looks cold and dreary.
    ~ The Bunch

  11. Are you on Exile Island on the show Survivor?!?

  12. Are you in one of the caves near Spring Mills Park?

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  13. Maybe Mammoth Cave or Diamond Caverns in Kentucky? Wherever you are, it’s beautiful!

  14. Watch owt fur monsters in the water behind yoo, Chey! I hope they don’t get yoo afore yoo find yore way owt! All Momma knows is that yore NOT in the tunnels that the Booty and the Beest community under Noo Yawk City liff in.

  15. ‘Kaika and Camie are the closest but not quite… It’s not real close to Spring Mill Park–a couple of hours but not quite into Kentucky…

  16. Maybe your at the Lost Sea in Tennessee. I spell it Tenne (see I lost the sea!) I’m such a puny cat.

  17. I meant to say puny cat!!

  18. Maybe you’re in Linville Caverns in North Carolina or Bristol Caverns in Tennessee?

  19. Hey, Chey, I saw yoo on teevee flying over Colorado yesterday.

  20. Looks like the Ohio Caverns to me, which are located at 2210 East State Route 245
    West Liberty, Ohio 43357.

    That’s in Champane Cownty. The Ohio Caverns are one of Ohio’s top tourist attractions becuz, frankly, thare arn’t many terist attrakshuns in Ohio ixsept for Perfectly Parker’s house.

    The caverns remain a steady 54 degrees year-round, regardless of the surface temperature. The hyoomidity is always above 90 percent, and the air inside the caverns is kleener than the air above ground — filtered by the water that formed the caves and still drips today. The caverns are the largest in the state, with over 2 miles of surveyed passageways ranging in depth from 30 feet to the deepest point of 103 feet.

  21. The mom finks she saw it when she bisited the Laray Caverns years ago.

  22. Actually, Maobert, Chey was not flying over Colorado … she was hiding in a box while en route to the Caverns.

  23. Chey, are you at some sort of fancy spa? Looks fun.

    Mindy, Moe, Bono, Cookie & Mike

  24. Yeah, ‘Kaika, yer probly rite. On second look, that blimp flying over Colorado wuzn’t neerly big enuf to be Chey.

  25. It is where your mum fell down and hurted her backside earlier this year when she was out visiting. I don’t remember exactly where that was, Maobert is probably right.

  26. yup, some cave place with those stalagmites and stalagtites or whatever they are.
    Be careful. Mom went to the ones in Skyline (Virginia, down rt 81) when the girl bean was in 4th grade… oh wow, she never knew she was so claustrophobic… she thought she was gonna die, meow.

    Have a marvy week-end Chey

  27. Not in Ohio, Mao. But you are close. Those who suggested Spring Mill Park were closer though. Same state.

    No Derby, the Woman didn’t fall here–she fell in Spring Mill Park but they drove here after that.

  28. Could it be Marengo Cave in Marengo Indiana?

  29. Oh Simba–even when I lie (accidentally–the Woman was confused as to where she was) to you, you figure it out! 🙂

  30. Yoo were lying just to throw me off the trak, wern’t yoo, Chey???? That’s OK. I understand how sik yoo are win I’m always rite.

  31. I can see I’m too late, but my guess was wrong anyway.

  32. Okay – I know this much – You’re in a cave somewhere! Right?

  33. That looks like a scary cave. Hope you get out of there soon.

  34. My Mom says she is really amazed at how many different caves there are to visit like Marengo. We would not have known if you had not done this post, Chey. I think my Bean Brother was quite close to Marengo Cave yesterday when he was driving to Chicago.

    I never would have gotten it without all the clues, and the help of that Guggle thing to find out names of caverns in Indiana.

  35. We are going to guess Howe Caverns. We’ve never been to a cavern before. Looks so cool!

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