Find Chey Friday


I think I’ll just lie here and check out the things floating on by for awhile. ┬áThen maybe someone can tell me how to get home (assuming I want to go)Do you know where I am?

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  1. You’re sunbathing beside a lazy river!

  2. I think you are at the river entry to the Traitors Gate entry at the Tower of London.

  3. Yup, Tower of London at Traitor’s Gate it is! You are a well-traveled cat, Chey. Hey, how come nobody is throwing down their cloaks so that your majesty doesn’t get wet paws and whiskers?

  4. We don’t think it’s London ~ we think Plymouth.

  5. Oah Hum~!
    I think that is a very big flat spot to hanging there.

  6. Looking very regal there, Chey. Right near all that royalty.

  7. Not even by searching “Traifon’s Gate” we found you, Chey. Sigh.

  8. Hey – catch me a fish & throw in some chips while you are at it, OK?

  9. We’re with Parker…some fish and chips sure sounds good!!

  10. Well, it’s a good thing someone already guessed it because we wouldn’t have had a clue… our human staff really need to get out more.

  11. Don’t know where you are, but it looks like a great place for fishing!

  12. Hmmm, we’re not sure but it looks like somewhere in Europe, maybe? We guess that’s too vague, hee hee.

  13. Are you at the Tower of London? The gate where they brought Elizabeth the 1st in, traitor’s gate?

    Oh man, I got it and I’m not first! Bummer!


  14. we didn’t haf a clue. but if you is in england, can you bring us some kidney pie?

  15. There you are! I though Skeezix found you on his blog but then he didn’t so I had to defend you because he must have mistaken you for something else!

  16. Oh rats! Chey…we never know where you are. I guess we don’t get out enough.

  17. ‘Kaika is right! This one was pretty easy wasn’t it?!

  18. I have it on good word that this is a lousy place to look if your searching for a good sun patch.

  19. Mom shoulda recognized that! She’s been to London twice an sawed the Tower bof times. Just stay away frum all that water! Do you haf any idea what they used to dump there? I mean afore humans got housebroken. EW.

  20. PS da Temptations from Ingland is like 10 times better than the ones in Americy. Seriously! A furiend sent us sum an I was efun crazier than usual!

  21. I wouldn’t stay there too long, Chey. There may be some traitors lurking who might reveal your whereabouts …

  22. I am glad the answer is revealed because this another one I did not know.

  23. My best guess is somewhere on the Thames River in England. Chey, you are always so challenging! It makes my tiny mind hurt.

  24. We nefur heard of dat traitor’s place. Furry interesting places yoo hang owt in.

  25. Yep, sitting on the foreshore of the Thames in front of the Tower of London. You should look for interesting stuff in the river mud. They call them mudlarks and they find old coins and lots of other stuff.,9171,1927261,00.html

  26. We’re usually clueless about where you are, Chey, but we enjoy reading everyone else’s guesses!

  27. Oh Oh Oh, The mom finks she knows dis one. She says it looks like the castle in London dat she bisited in 2000. But we dun know ourselves as we wasn’t there and we wasnt born yet.

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