Window Sharing

IMG_7132aCan you imagine?  Cheysuli has snuck home and I have to share my new windows with her. 

There. I hope that tells those bad old agents who are looking for her where she is!


  1. window sharing!! that can be offensive when you just want alone time, huh.

    i appreciate your comment about the nonraffle, and paypal guidelines. funny though how they set those rules but WILL gladly take .21 on the dollar for having a donate button thru them. oy vey!


  2. Well, she had to come home sometime! One can only eat so much ham!

    The whole healthcare is just a mess. Hopefully something can be done that will work for everyone.

  3. Good to see Chey back, even if you do have to share windows, Gemini.

  4. Oh Gemini!! Admit it. You would miss Chey is she never came home.
    When she goes under cover again,you can have all the attention again 😉
    We hope the Feds do not find her.
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  5. Ah, it’s nice to share-think of the added body heat-combined with the sun (if it’s sunny). Heavenly!

  6. Ha…she was right under the agents’ noses!

  7. Uh, Chey, run!

  8. I bet you are really glad Chey is back!

  9. Window sharing~!
    That is great moment!!!!

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