“Where’s Chey?” Yells the Congressman

IMG_7068a Recently there has been some discussion that the Congressman from South Carolina was not actually yelling “You lie,” at the President’s speech on Wednesday, but rather “Where’s Chey?”

Former Presidential Candidate Cheysuli had planned to be at the speech to support the President but was unable to attend due to legal difficulties.  Currently she remains at large and on the run.

“This is another case of the President associating with known terrorists,” said one unnamed source.

As Cheysuli cannot be found, there is not rebuttal to the charges.


  1. Oh I knew it! I was sure that is what was said but no one would listen to me!

  2. Oh, thank you for clearing that up. I thought it was a mirage when I first heard it.

  3. Where’s Chey?!?!

  4. We are thinking that there is enough yelling and name calling in Congress. They need to stop acting like spoiled kittens and get down to the business they are being paid to do!

  5. We thought that’s what he said too!

  6. Thanks for clearing that up. We could have sworn that’s what he said too!

  7. We knew that’s what he said…we heard it plain as day…we don’t know where they got “you lie” from…

  8. um, if you wants, I can use my butt to answer those charges! – Miles

  9. Chey sure knows how to go into hiding! She seems to do that a lot, and always out of necessity. What a ladycat of mystery! A regular Catahari!

  10. Uh oh… things seem to be heating up! Is there a Cheygate on the horizon?

  11. The offer is still open if you need a safe house Chey.

  12. Chey…a terrorist? Please!

  13. Chey would never be a terrorist!!!

  14. Good job, Chey. Stay under cover.

  15. Humphfffff!!!! That sounds like the kind of excuse that
    some beans would try to use!!!
    We know it’s not true!
    Chey is OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good job with the hiding too
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  16. Yes, staying unner the covers would be a great hiding place. Unner the bed is even better!

  17. Better to be out and free Chey, and that is no lie.

  18. We wish this was true!

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