Toe Tabby Tuesday

IMG_7113aI have to make sure my toes are very clean.  See I am really digging in.  This is so that when I teleport to see Cheysuli no one can trace me by the dirt on my toes.

She is doing a good job of hiding out. Now we just have to get something on the Big Catnip people so that they will make the charges they have trumped against her go away.   Cheysuli has NEVER intentionally impersonated a blimp and to be convicted of that they would have to prove intent.

And I think Daisy even said that Chey could borrow her fraudulent credit card so that should not have been wrong either.  

And the guy who was whapped only got a little tap.

See, she is not a crook at all!


  1. We heard a whisper in a dark corner last night. It said “If ya wanna get after Big Nip, follow the seeds…” So we thought mebbe ya should be told about that.

  2. That’s very smart of you to clean your toes really good before you go and visit Chey!

  3. I’m nervous about going after big nip…you see we are growers and our nip patch depends on their support…but heck, we’d toss that all aside to save Chey!

    Pee Ess..can you make your nose crinkle when you clean your paws? It makes mom go over the edge.

  4. Awwwwwwwwww……..Gemini!! That is so cute how you clean your toes!! We are so sorry Chey has to hide!! WE won’t tell!
    Your TX furiends,

  5. I like the face while you are cleaning your toesies,
    very lovely~

  6. Gemini, are you really teleporting over to visit with Chey?! Wow! We are a little bit surprised. Are you bringing her foods?

  7. Stay clean, Gemini. They will never trace you!

  8. You are a very good sister to stick up for Chey!

  9. Such a clean kitty! Great photo of how of you getting all beautified!

  10. You’re doing a good job on your toesies, Gemini! Be careful with Big Nip ..we hear it can do weird things to us cats…

  11. Your doing a mighty fine job of cleaning those toesies! We don’t believe Chey is a crook either. It’s all bogus!

  12. Those charges are completely ridiculous! Two of us have accidentally impersonated blimps many times.

    P.S. Beautiful photo today.

  13. wait, my mighty whap has been reduced to a “little tap”? why I oughta……… oh, wait, right, it was just a little tap. nothing to blame chey for at all. after all, I’m just a little cat – how could I whap Big Catnip? – Samuel Alfonse Meezer

  14. That is very nice of Daisy to offer you her card!
    Very pretty picture of you.
    ~ Patrick

  15. My understanding is that it is fine to use a fraudulent credit card as long as you have permission. So there should be no problem there.

  16. Always keep a clean trail or tail. However it may be.

  17. No ,Chey is not a crook!! That would be the auto makers,banks ,insurance companies and Madoff!!
    Your toes are very nice Gemini 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  18. Fantastic detail here; love that fuzzy fur and lean whisker look. I thought Chey was back home again after having eaten the lamb?

  19. Chey’s been framed! It’s a wrong that must not stand.

  20. Poor Chey! Are you still on the run?

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