Thankful Thursday

IMG_7209aWe are thankful to have found this statue that reminds us of our Georgia.   Momma found that when she was in Milwaukee earlier this year.   She got it because it was her little angel Georgia.

We would also like to ask you to purr for our farmer friend David and his little dog Gus.  He will be making a very long drive very very early this morning (so it’s probably about now if you are on the east coast!) to bring our cow over the mountain.   While the cow may not be happy to be traveling, David says this particular place is very reputable and does an excellent job and he likes they way they treat his cows.   

Momma says David has happy cows because they get to play outside in the pasture all the time and eat lots of grass, which is what cows are supposed to eat, rather than corn.   She says what your food eats is very important.   I will have to think about that.   I can’t wait to meet my cow… except Momma is going to store it in a freezer when it gets here but I think that would make our cow a little cold.    I think that if it got to be very happy for so long that Momma should really be nicer to it.


  1. What a lovely statue!
    It really does look like Georgia!

  2. what a bootiful statyue… dats furry nise. wherh u get dat? Dats soh wonnerfull ta finds sumpin dats looks like Georgia! Fanks fur sharin…

    Purrz 4 u.

    Katie Too

  3. happy cows talks bout cheese onda tellyvision…

    Bootsie Woo

  4. It’s lovely to have a statue that looks like Georgia ~ yoo must miss her so much.

  5. What a sweet way to remember Georgia…it does look like her!!

    We don’t know if we’d wanna meet a cow or not…hot or cold!

  6. It’s lovely that your mom has something to remember her Georgia by.

    And as for the cows, you really had me there!

  7. Oh my goodness, this is a lovely statue. I think Georgia helped your mommie find it.
    It is just lovely, oh so touching. We have not found a Caesar statue yet but one day…
    I have not been over to visit in ages. It is so good to be here today and see you girls are doing fine

  8. What a beautiful way to remember your beautiful sister!

    Happy cows are tasty cows. 🙂

  9. You get to have your own cow? What’s next? a Pig?

  10. We looked at your photos of Georgia and the statue looks very much like her – it is beautiful!

  11. That is a beautiful Angel Georgia cat!
    ~ Anna Sue

  12. Awwwwwwwwww!! That is a nice reminder of Georgia 🙂
    Hmmmmmmmm, cows in the freezer…cool,heehee
    We like grass,so cows eating grass must make them very tasty!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  13. That is a sweet little Georgia Angel!!!

    We hope your cow arrived safely……and David and Gus too!

  14. That is a lovely statue, and it does look very like Georgia. We hope David and Gus arrived safely with your cow.

  15. Very precious Georgia Angel!

    And laughed alot on the cold cow your Mom is waiting for….! 🙂

  16. What a beautiful statue of Georgia. What a pawsome way to remember her!

  17. What a beautiful statue of Angel Georgia! I’m sure it will make your mom smile every time she looks at it!

    Did your cow arrive safely?

  18. That is a sweet cat to remind you all of Georgia. Where did your mum get it here? Mum says she should go there and check it out sometime.

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