Thankful Thursday

IMG_7185aI am ever so thankful that this is Momma’s foot that I am smelling and that it does not stink too badly.  It could be my daddy’s foot and that foot stinks.

Cheysuli is still being a fugitive.  She says that she did what Ayla, LC and Iza suggested and followed the seeds back to Big Catnip.   The one armed man that works there set her up!

Also I think that we can still have catnip, but we should make sure it is locally grown rather than buying from Big Catnip. The only good thing about Big Catnip is that they may be big enough to take on Monsanto.


  1. Uhm, we’re not into smelling feets. Is there something that we should know about them? Are they fun to smell?

  2. I like to lick feets, Gemini!!


  3. And here I thought that more stinky was better according to kitties! At least it is in our house. Domino loves everyone’s smelly socks and shoes.

    Sounds like a good idea to buy your catnip locally, methinks!

  4. Zoeys notes that her preference is socks or shoes, minus the human feet. They are awesome for chewing, snuggling on, and sometimes she even wears them!
    Maggy on the other hand tends to ignore humans and the human body entirely.
    PS… Chey’s must own a book of political quotes; very very good.

  5. We’ve been known to stick our head in Daddy’s shoes. We run far away from them after we do that!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  6. You just need to learn the fine aroma that belong to your daddy’s feet. It’s kind of like fine wine…maybe I should teach a course on feet appreciation…socks too.

    Pee Ess, even us local growers of nip are getting pressure from Big Nip…they want everything standardized and no special varietys. We have secret places where we can grow nip in our yard where the investigators won’t find it.

  7. I like to sleep on my MIG’s shoes. And army boots. I just close my eyes and pretend it’s my MIG and don’t even think of a smell!


  8. Chey, of course you passed! Post your diploma proudly! And you can always hide out here, no one will look for you at our house. (Mom is allergic to cats!)


  9. Hmm, sniffing feet is not something we often do. It makes our mom scratch our head trying to remember if we’ve ever done it!

    Cat nip makes some of us too excited and overly snippy with each other. We only get the nip on special occasions. So sad.

  10. Chey followed your mom’s stinky .. um, not too stinky feet to sell the one-armed catnip man Monsanto? Wow, this just gets better and better.

    Hope it means Chey can come out of hiding soon.

  11. OMG – Just about the funniest post we read today…
    We have a feet licker in the household here 🙂 – it’s Hope – meowmy doesn’t like it too much, as she is too ticklish! Silly silly Hope!

  12. Neither of us are into foot sniffing. If you smelled our dad’s feet, you would understand why.
    Mum is going to grow our own catnip next year so we can do our part in putting Big Catnip out of business.

  13. Gemini, you are looking extra floofy and glamorous today!

  14. Gemini, thanks for the update on Chey. We want justice to win out in the end.

    We’ll take you word for it that your human mom’s foot smells better than your human dad’s does. 😉

  15. Oh my Cod! It would be awful if you had to give up catnip forever!

  16. Gemini, are you sure you haven’t set Chey up on all of this just so you could have control of the blog for a while?

  17. Ahoy thar! I be seein’ ye up thar! We be hav’n lots of the nip, come ov’er! YAR

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