Thankful Thursday

IMG_7082aThe sun is so nice. I do like not having to share my sunspot with Cheysuli. I am thankful for that. Yesterday we got some new windows and it was very scary and noisy.   Now Cheysuli cannot sneak back in so easily when she wants to eat… Besides, we would hear  the weiner mobile.  I am very thankful for that–Cheysuli chases me!

I do not think anyone will notice her in the Weiner Mobile.  After all, it’s sort of like hiding in plain sight right?

Momma has written down a rant for me to share, so if you don’t want to hear, it you can just think about how cute I am and ignore it….

For everyone who wonders why Momma is such an advocate of a public healthcare option and gets so upset when people say we don’t need it.  As an acupuncture student she had to work in public health doing acupuncture.   Additionally she worked in her first years as a substitute acupuncturist in the Cascade Aids Project.  This was a nonprofit group that helped people with AIDS.

In both cases she saw first hand what happens when people have access to healthcare only through the emergency room and what does and does not get done.  Many of the things that these people suffered with and she got to help with were things that would not have happened if doctors could see  them promptly. Unfortunately the people at the clinic and at the AIDS project did not have much money. Many did not have jobs.  Some were too sick to have jobs.  Because they did not have money they could not buy health insurance (and the AIDS people had a pre existing condition) and could not see a doctor except some of the naturopathic students at a public health clinic.  

In both cases, these non profits relied on outdated herbal supplements and nutritional supplements to help their patients.  These were things that could be gotten for free from practitioners around the area.

If you are against a public option, Momma says that is fine but don’t tell her she is wrong until you have had to sit doing hospice work on people who would still be alive if they had not had the misfortune to loose a job or loose their insurance when they needed it most.  Those stories people are writing in and telling happen every single day.  Don’t lie to yourselves.   If anything most people minimize what was done and take too much responsibility for things they should have done differently.  They are not crying wolf.  Momma has had to sit there and watch them die.  Acupuncture is good but it can’t save someone who should have been treated for a potentially life threatening illness years before they actually got treatment.


  1. When people start to complain about the various plans to insure Americans, our momma first stops them and then asks: And, what kind of insurance do you have? Generally, they are all ready insured and they don’t need help. It’s that mindset that feels they are above it all. When young families have to struggle to put food on the table and work two jobs just to make ends meet, there is NO way they can afford the health care costs of today. They need some help.

    Sorry about the rant. Momma is a social workerJ

  2. My mom long ago worked in Public Health…and she knows she’s lucky because she has a job with health insurance. Everyone deserves access to health coverage at a reasonable cost. It’s ok to rant sweet Gemini.

  3. There are too many people and too few resources. Something has to give. If we all want food, water, health care and a good standard of living, we need serious population control. Considering the mess we’re in now, immediate action will only help those that come after us. We’re screwed!

    Gemini you rant very prettily. I hope you undo the windows so Chey can come in from the cold.

  4. I am so glad you have your own sunspot,
    must be very comfy 🙂

  5. The mom speaks:

    Although i live in England I completely agree with what you say about your healthcare schemes. I was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma in 1995 (primary bone cancer) and joined an internet support group (we offer support and advice to people with chondrosarcoma) and am the UK representative for them. Sadly over the years I have known many American people who have died because they couldn’t get medical care for their condition when they needed it. The truth is that when you have bone cancer you are not always fit enough to work.
    It has been heartbreaking to witness. Only this year a very dear friend died from lack of medical care ~ after losing his medical insurance because he was not fit enough to work (Mark was a self employed photographer) and couldn’t afford the payments.
    As it happens, next week I am going into hospital for more surgery (for chondrosarcoma) and I thank God I live in England and there is a NHS. Our health service may be far from perfect ~ but it is there when you need it.


  6. Gemini, the new windows let the sunshine in real nice and it lights up your furs real pretty!

  7. Mom Barb here: I do believe that a national plan for all citizens is long overdue. Something “like” Medicare; something “like” Tri-care provided to our military; something “like” the plan our federal employees and elected officials have. I think we need Tort reform and competition between insurance companies. It’s too much like a monopoly right now.

    I think they need to throw out the current plan and start over. They need to re-think everything. Perhaps a payroll deduction like social security and medicare. There are greater minds than mine who should be able to figure this out.

    I think that an MRI, PET scan, X-ray, Prescription, etc… should cost the same for every individual – no matter who you are and no matter what plan you have – and should be covered under insurance.

  8. We are watching anxiously and hoping that the bill will get passed. It makes my mommeh grit her teeth when the same people who don’t want their Medicare or Social Security benefits to be touched also say they don’t want any kind of “socialized” medicine.

  9. Rant away! We agree with you and your Momma. We need not only universal healthcare, but healthcare that includes both allopathic and complementary modes of treatment. We must do what is best for people, not profits. Our humans also believe that healthcare should not be a for profit industry.

  10. Our pet human is an acupuncturist too and there have been times SHE could not afford insurance. We vote healthcare is a right…not an option! Don’t make us come back to DC for a Bite & Run!

  11. Hi, Chey’s mom. We came over from Milo and Alfie’s blog to say that we agree with you completely! Our mom tried to get health insurance on her own once and she could not get anyone to insure her even if she agreed to exempt ALL pre-existing conditions. Right now, she and our dad are just lucky that his job has insurance – because hers does not. We don’t understand why so many people do not realize that they could be in the same situation some day – so many employers are cutting back on benefits.

    Anyway, rant on – we hope more people hear you!

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