Thankful Thursday

IMG_7109aI am very thankful that I can touch my nose with my tongue!  Look at me!

I know you are wondering why you are seeing me here today and not Cheysuli.  The government came to investigate her but her friend Tony got here first to warn her.   She has been framed in a conspiracy to overthrow Big Catnip!  

Anyway she has had to go on the lamb.  I am not sure why being on a lamb is safer than being here but that is what she said.  So she and the lamb are somewhere but I do not know where. I don’t know where she is at all.   This is a horrible time for her to disappear with the hams of the world tour, but I think that is the first place they would look for her.   The lamb would also stick out I think.


  1. Gemini, you are very cute touching your nose with your tongue. It is too bad Chey had to go away with a lamb.

  2. I wonder if Chey is on the WeinerMobile!!! Cuddling up with a ham, no doubt.

    Love the tongue trick Gemini…with tricks like that you can keep the authorities distracted.

  3. I can stick out my tongue and touch my nose, too! I think we’re special kitties!

  4. We are thankful that you are here to take her place while she is riding on that lamb!

  5. We hope the lamb protects Cheysuli from the government. We would be surprised if she doesn’t get to the Hams of the Werld Tour. Maybe she will come in disguise.
    What a long tongue you have Gemini.

  6. So, Chey is on the lamb with a Ham? At least she won’t starve.

  7. You are very talented, Gemini! We’re sorry Chey has to miss the werld ham tour…maybe she could don a disguise and still come along! The lamb could too.

  8. I can’t do THAT, though my human can do THAT. Odd, isn’t it.

  9. Chey… baaa, baaa, baaa.

  10. That’s a really cool picture of you, Gemini. We love how your eyes sparkle. Did you have something delicious?

  11. Lamb? Does Chey need some mint jelly?

  12. What a funny girl you are! And what a fantastic tongue you have! Tell Chey he’ll have to get off the lamb before he can eat it!

  13. Gemini dear, if you can get a message to Chey, tell her she and her lamb are welcome to hide out here as long as they need to.

  14. Gemini ~ that tongue trick is a real party piece!

  15. Gemini, that’s an important skill! I’ll bet you have real clean nostrils.

  16. But, Gemini, I noes sum “Lambs” purrsonally. Chey would be purrfectly safe wif them! An, if da first place they’d look is da tour, dat’s da last place she’d be hidin, so they won’t bothur to look der, so dat’s where she should be. Ok?

  17. Wow! Just look at your tongue!!!

    We are very frustrated that these beings won’t leave Chey alone! Honestly….give the girl a break!

  18. How clever of Chey to run away with a supply of tastey food!

  19. You are so talented!!

  20. You’re an agile tongued fluff, Gemini! Now, did you arrange for Chey to have to go with the lamb so you have the house to yourself?

  21. Yes, we think a lamb would be very noticeable on a ham tour. But Chey is ingenious. She’s probably disguised the lamb so it fits into the group of cats and dogs.

  22. Hi Gemini, I can touch my nose with my tongue too. We will really have to find Chey tomorrow!

  23. You have very very adorable face! Specially your tongue!

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