Tabby Tuesday

IMG_7099aI am still cleaning that same toe. It gets very dirty a lot. It must be the toe that I use first to clean everything.

Momma is looking around at getting a new look.  She is unhappy that the plugin she used to get the little photos is no longer working. Also she is tired of the same old look so she wants to change things up again.  We will see what she comes up with.  

I keep telling her that they should have brown tabbies all over it.   Don’t you all think that would be pretty?


  1. Looks like you’re doing a good job of grooming!

  2. That must be the toe that you use to clean everything. While I adore brown tabbies, I think that Cheysuli just might object to a new template with just brown tabbies on it.

  3. Maybe you will share a more prominent place on your header. With Chey on the lam, shouldn’t it be her peeping out behind the rock?

  4. There should be brown tabbies!

  5. Uh oh! Usually when our mom tries to change the look it ends up wiv messing up the pooter, her moaning and sighing, bad words being said, and much ado! So good luck!

  6. Wow…that’s gonna be the cleanest toe ever! We can’t wait to see what you mom comes up with…but Zoey thinks brown tabbies is a winner!

  7. Oh yes, brown tabbies would be purrfect!

  8. That will be a very clean toe. And we all know that cleanliness is next to godliness.

    A kitty background for the blog would be fun but I think it would need to include Chey, otherwise you would never hear then end of the caterwauling.

  9. I have taken over this comment box to say that brown tabbies everywhere would be the best thing ever.


  10. We think brown tabby would be a lovely design, but be warned… you may rouse the wrath of Chey!

  11. Whatever makes your momma happy is what is gonna make us happy cuz when momma is happy eFURybody is happy.

  12. I gots a toe that needs more attenshun than the others too. It’s jes whut yoo gotta do. And I must say that looking at Chey’s picture from yesterday I really want to lick her hed. Jes looks so inviting.

    I haff bin doing lots of grooming to git reddy for my big weekend. Even tho I’m sending my flat self, I will be along in spirit. And I had to make shure evry fur wuz in place for my portrait. Mommy is more excited about meeting the blogger cats than she is about meeting the famous singers. Way more. (Well she also gits to go see whare thay make happy joose and she is pritty happy bout that too. I wonder if I gits to go thare too? I jes hope I don’t have to be the designaytid driver!)

  13. you are such a precious poose! those toes are adorable. and please tell chey we are happy that charges may be dropped… now she can be in the parade without fear of being arrested… we have so many costumes if she would like to be incognito….of course you are invited too.
    zevo & entourage

  14. Gemini, your toesies are so cute, just like the rest of you.

    If your mama wants to change up the blog, I highly recommend “Cutest Blog on the Block”. All the backgrounds are free, unless you want to get a custom one.
    I change mine quite often, and have an autumn-themed one right now. If you’re interested just go to:

  15. We get that “one dirty toe” thing too. (And we think brown tabbies are a great idea – but don’t tell Chey we said that!)

  16. You can never be too clean! I think your blog looks great, but I will be curious to see what changes occur!

  17. We all have our favorite paws to clean. =)

    We are looking forward to see your bloggy’s new look!

  18. I am not sure that cutestblogontheblock makes themes for wordpress. We’ve also noticed that make our computer REALLY slow (and she hates that the background doesn’t move when you move the rest–she finds it visually annoying) when we see them on other people’s blogs.

    Momma has an idea about what she wants to do. Sometimes she makes themes up all on her own and sometimes she tweaks someone else’s work. We will see what happens.

  19. My sister Maggie is all about the brown tabby design! I like the gray and blue. Did tried to upgrade our template on Blogger but we couldn’t keep our old comments so he went back to the old one. Good luck with the new look.

  20. we think getting lost in London sounds like a great idea! Stormie guessed your location easily last time (well, we can see the roof of that building from our home!) lots of love to you all xxx

  21. Oh Miss Gemini I can think of nothing better than little brown tabbies…


    yur boyfriendcat

  22. One very clean toe coming up!!

  23. Almost as pretty as midnight Cats.

  24. Gemini, we think anything with cats is da bomb!!!!! 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  25. That is a very cute photo. I like to clean my toes too.

  26. Brown tabbies rule!

  27. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll look great!

  28. make shure yur toes are klean.

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