Tabby Tuesday

IMG_7165aMomma says I look a little bit fat in this photo.  She says when I stand up and look out the window like this I look plump.  I know that I am not at all plump as I am almost two pounds lighter than Cheysuli and Momma even had to ask the vet if I were underweight!  But she says I still look plump here.

I must stand at the window and watch for both Cheysuli and the one armed man.  I do not know where she found out about him. I have not seen him at all but she says there is a one armed man.  I suspect there is also a dancing baby and some men from the Red Lodge too.   Everyone else is here. It’s grand central station sometimes.  I do not know how she gets into these things.

I think I will go have some crunchies as I am not at all plump and go dream of happier thoughts like my handsome Ping.


  1. You are definitely floofy and not at all fat! Kind of like my momma and me…all fur, but bitty girls underneath…unlike our Ginger who really is fat…I mean substantial…uh…solid. Yeah.

  2. we sees no plumpness. nt at al, just cuteyness. mom bean wont let dad bean say that word about any of us outloaud- we know this cuz the other nite he mouthed it to her about mancat. maw bean said ‘no, he is just becoming a man is all’. then dad bean said he whispered it cuz maw bean worries if we hears it our feeling might feel bad. shes silly like that.

  3. Yoo are gorjuss NOT fat! Floof always makes yer bum look big ~ it’s a known fact!

  4. You are all floof, like our Maya!

  5. Gemini…you’re floofy…not plump!!! My mom sed I was gettng f-a-t too…but she’s wrong…I’m just floofy like you!


  6. You aren’t fat, you’re floofy!!! It’s not fair to compare you and Chey.
    Things are always so complicated at your house.

  7. I love your floof, it looks really snuggly (don’t tell Chey). Send the circus to our house for a while, there are no humans around!

  8. you ain’t fat…it’s those hammer pants you have on…

  9. Don’t worry. It’s just the camera angle.

  10. You are beautifully floofy but not at all fat.

  11. Miss Gemini
    You do not look a bit plump to me. In fact yoo look as booteefull as efur. All dat floofiness is so…so…so floofilicous!

    A wunderful bright sunshine filled window is what I love. And I wish I were there rite now to share it wif yoo.

    purrs your boyfriendcat

  12. oh gemini. you are beautiful. don’t listen to the plump lies.

  13. You’r not fat yer fluffy, and furry cute!

  14. You are nicely floofy, that is why you look wider than you are.

  15. Of course you look plump there. Look at all that floof. Floof adds 2 pounds to the photo.

    Hope Chey is okay.

  16. we cats cant get fat. tell her wez only get pleasantly plump.

  17. Man, I never thot I’d say this to anywun ixsept maybe that psyko stray cat Tripper, but geez, yoo DO look bigger than Chey. Maybey yoo shood git a shave and reemove sum of that floof so we can see whut we’re reely deeling with.

  18. We’re sure it’s all fur dear…all fur.

    Tipper & Misty

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