Tabby Tuesday

IMG_7106aI am watching to see if Cheysuli comes home.  I do not know how I would hide her. I saw a large black cat dressed quite finely but with a shaved behind as if he were trouble watching our house. I am sure he is one of the watchers they have on the house.

I think that Momma’s cell phone has been bugged.   They likely were able to get a warrant as Cheysuli ran when they came to arrest her.

They are also talking about charging her with hogging toys.  That’s something I can’t argue with.   I think Big Catnip is mad that she was hoping to go to shelters and talk to kittens about what a bad habit cheap catnip can be.  They should only inhale organic, locally grown catnip.   Big Catnip doesn’t want that to happen! They are mad because they gave her so much money for her election that she lost and this is how she is repaying them.


  1. Chey has many furriends. Don’t worry! We’ll look out for her.

  2. I’m sure she’ll be ok

  3. Hmm, I’m still suspicious. Are you sure you’re not involved in all this Gemini?

  4. Poor Chey…she’s in a world of trouble!!

  5. Uh oh, this is so not good!!

  6. There are many cats (including me) out there that will harbor Chey. She could be anywhere in the world! Authorities will have a hard time finding her.

  7. Yep ~ we might be hiding her too. ‘Cos we love Chey!

  8. Oh, I’m a bit worried…Big Catnip is involved? That’s serious business…

    You know, we have had watchers at our house too. They are disguised as innocent introoders, just wanting our food, but they hang out in our nip too. I think that’s the giveaway right there.

  9. um, we think Chey nefur gotted off the Tardis. heaven only knows where she is now.

    oh wait, I think I hear her belching in the luggage compartment in the weener-mobile. – Miles

  10. I hope Cheysuli is alright. I can’t believe she was involved in criminal activities. Perhaps there was a frame up.

  11. Chey could be anywhere, she has lots of friends!

  12. If Miles heard Chey belching in the luggage compartment, she must have been overcome by the odor coming from Buddy’s suitcase full of ham for the rest of the Funny Farm. Someone took it out of the fridge and it is RIPE!

    We’re keeping an eye on Chey too.

    Crystal & Buddy

    PS — You don’t happen to know if Chey has an extra doggy bag on her?

  13. Big Catnip? This is much more serious than we thought!

  14. Please tell me that they are not adding toy hogging to the charges!

  15. Gemini dear, stay alert! And try not to worry too much. Remember, Chey has many friends (including us) who can help her.

  16. Don’t worry Gemini. Chey has many friends looking out for her. We may be harbouring her, but then again, we may not.
    We are puzzled as to why the finely dressed black cat has a shaved behind.

  17. :::::::::::THUD:::::::::::::

    Oh no Miss Gemini
    Ping has fallen off of the top perch of the cat tree after he saw your picture. He mumbled something as he went down. The others are reviving him right now, he’s OK just stunned.

    Miss Gemini your eyes are mesmerizing….your furrs are so booteefull and full…oh how I would like you to come snuggle with me in my cat tree….

    your boyfriendcat

  18. Gee Gemini!! This thing with Chey is getting out of control!
    Now they want to make it bigger by adding ‘toy hogging’????
    Sheesh!!!!! They need other things to do than picking on little kitties!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  19. Hey, if nobuddy’s wiffing Chey’s nip stash oat yer howse, can u male it to me?

  20. They are hoping if they make up enough stuff, something will stick. Chey will overcome.

  21. um we haven’t seen her. honest. Bendrix says there is absolutely no Siamese cat lounging in the Mancave gnawing on nip plants and watching General Hospital…

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