Sunday Guest Star: Simba

Well many cats were unsure.  Adan gave the first clue

it looks like in Asia?

And he was right.

Our blogless friend Simba then figured it out:

Chey, you are very clever to have hidden yourself so well. And too far away from “them” to find you.

I think you are at Batu Caves Temple near Kuala Lampur in Malaysia. Adan’s clue about Asia helped me to find a gold statue in Asia, and to find out about Batu Caves. The gold statue is of Lord Murugan.

That is exactly where I was (far out of reach of US justice but not perhaps Big Catnip hit men, however this gold armor serves me well).

If you search Kuala Lampur you will easily find many photos of this statue.  This photo is from the Male’s New and Much Improved version (his son) who was stationed on a ship and they traveled to this place.

As most of you commented, yes I do look exceptionally fine in gold.  I should wear it all the time.  Max did have a point,

Isn’t it hard to lick yourself when you’re wearing that thing?

I believe Max, that is why we have servants.  While mine are not that well trained, I suspect that if I ever wore all this gold home, they might find themselves willing to lick me in places I can’t reach just because of the wealth I brought them (and my great beauty).  Wouldn’t yours?

Edited: Simba now has a blog!!!!


  1. I fink dat der Simba shood defenittly hav him’s own bloggie. He am my naemsake and orlso neerly da saem kuller as wot I yam, tho he yam mutch moor floofier. We Simbas are speshul, we neads to hav owr own blognesses to express owrselfs propperly, innit?!?

    Chey, yuo luk beeyootifull in goeld *swoon*… :)xxx

  2. Hoo hoo, I haven’t thought that I can guess right about “Find Chey” series, I am so glad I guess right a little part, how honor!!!

    Simba is very beautiful,
    I love the tail especially 🙂
    Congratulations to Chey’s Sunday Guest, Simba!!

  3. I am honored to be Sunday Guest Star again. So I decided I would start my own blog!

  4. Simba was smart!

  5. Congrats to Simba…we figured it was Asia, but that’s as far as we got!

  6. We missed Friday because Mom’s been quite inconveniently too busy to help us blog much but, as we suspected, we would not have guessed it right anyway. We agree, you DO look fabulous in Gold!

  7. Simba is very handsome. We’re glad he’s going to have his own blog now too!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. Simba IS a very handsome mancat. I still think you are hiding behind my Siamese pillow.

  9. We just is not good as guessin’ anything – not ever. All we know is that is one, PURRty kitty!

    Please come to our blog today to support a furry imPAWtant cause fur us companion animals.

  10. Yay Simba for figuwing that out!
    What a wot of gold Chey!

  11. Simba is so floofy and orangey! My kind of cat! (No offense, Chey, because you’re my kind of cat, too).

  12. Simba is so clever!!!

  13. Simba is smart AND handsome!

  14. Chey, it’s a good thing there are so many
    smart kitties in the Blogosphere!!!!!!!!
    Some of them are pretty witty too,heehee 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  15. Concats to Simba. It is good he is getting his own blog.

  16. That’s EXACTLY why we have brush and buff and feed..I thought you looked magnificent, Chey..but, always do!

  17. If I brought home all that gold they’d take it and cash it in and STILL ignore me. I have defective people, you know…

  18. Well done, Simba! Not only are you perceptive, you’re a stunningly handsome (and floofy) fellow.

  19. I have two qweschuns: Why duzn’t Simba have a blog? and How does Simba git his tale to be so floofy?

  20. Good grief! I take a holiday and you pick a secret place that’s forty minutes away from my home!!! Batu Caves is great.

    Like the cat house post too. Does cat house mean brothel in American English too?

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